Department Update

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THE BLOG: Will officially launch next week with a spot in the main navigation.

NEW MEMBERSHIPS PAGE: One comprehensive page that gives visitors and introduction to Real Vision as a business and an overview of our different tiers. Early data is good with over 50% of visitors navigating to the bottom of the page. This plus the blog complete our nav for the foreseeable future. Click here to visit


MY ACCONT UPDATE: The first step in creating a new hub for users to manage all of their personal details. This will expand as we roll out new features tied to referrals, game-ification and community in the next sprint. Click here to visit


REAL VISION IN REVIEW: New pages that highlight people (e.g. Raoul Pal) and topics (e.g. Bitcoin). These pages are designed to drive organic, SEO traffic to acquire new visitors and create good will with talent. Conor to review next wee.



FACEBOOK & EMAILS: Emails currently represent our best tactic to acquire new users and convert some percentage to paying members. Over the last 2 weeks we’ve added over 14,000 uses from Facebook to the Daily Briefing and The Interview lists. Still working, but optimistic results will validate the tactic and cost (i.e. cost per email).

SEO: Conor has been working for the past 3 weeks and is ready to present his findings and recommendations. This will impact most of us in some manner.

 INTERNAL EMAIL MARKETING: Aaron and Laura have created automated workflows that are actively up-sellng FREE email users to trials and paid memberships.

 EXTERNAL EMAIL MARKETING:  Running a test with Zerohedge on Thursday to see if their members will sign up to Daily  Briefing email list


REACH:  Over the past 10 weeks Ritwik has launched the podcast, found a new platform partner (Megaphone) and grown the monthly downloads to over 350,000 per month

REVENUE: Ritwik has activated a sales pipeline that has already generated $4,824 in revenue this month between advertisers and membership referrals. Luther will support Ritwik in direct sales adding the podcast to his pitch.

CONTENT: Exploring new content ideas this week with Ed to see how we can differentiate the podcast from what is produced on


NEW CRYPTO SERIES: On the heels of the successful WHY NOW? series we are launching a similar effort in the crypto category. Luther sent the offering to our subscribers and has had multiple responses from buyers.