Here are today’s biggest headlines, including updates on Twitter’s massive hack, California Resources’ bankruptcy, and the 30-year mortgage rate reaching a record low.

Here are today’s biggest headlines, including updates on Disney World’s re-opening, Goldman Sachs’ surprise earnings release, and the dire warning from the Godfather of the “Altman Z-Score”

Here are today’s biggest headlines, including updates on China, COVD-19, the Fed retreating from the repo front lines, and retailers in trouble.

What the hell is going on? While U.S. equities continue to appear calm and stable, a look at the U.S. credit markets reveal that chaos is still roiling beneath the surface.

Critical Market Context for the Week Ahead. There doesn’t seem to be a time in recent memory where Wall Street and Main Street have been so estranged from the other.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand question marks. Look at this graph of the U.S. coronavirus deaths in 5 different forecasts from a recent New York Times article discussing how scientists attempt to forecast the course of the coronavirus.

An oil shock took the world by storm reaching negative $38/barrel, U.S. markets were calm, U.S. equities posted modest gains and jobless claims on the rise.

Critical Market Context for the Week Ahead​ – U.S. equities inched higher last week despite singularly dismal economic data coming in from all fronts. The S&P 500 closed just over 3% for the week on Friday, marking the biggest two-week rally since 1938.

Last week, U.S. equity markets posted double-digit gains following encouraging data showing that coronavirus infections may be peaking, as the rate of new cases appears to be slowing in multiple geographies.

Your weekly market coronavirus update from Real Vision. Read how coronavirus slammed into the United States like a hurricane, affecting the global economy.


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