Preferred stock has the characteristics of common stocks and bonds, which mean shareholders can rightfully benefit from a company’s profitability but can’t exercise their voting rights.

The term net worth may envision thoughts of multi-millionaires or real estate moguls — bigwigs rolling in big money. However, net worth applies to everyone, whether you have millions or much less.

The Fear and Greed Index is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of trading. It was created by CNN Money as a way of measuring how much traders are willing to spend on stocks during times of fear or greed.

A drivechain is an approach that seeks to leverage sidechain technology in order to introduce additional functionality to Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, drivechains can be viewed as a special type of sidechain.

Enjin is a technology company based in Singapore. The company offers an all-in-one service for building gaming communities through the Enjin Network, a social-gaming platform, which allows users to create customized websites, forums, group chats, and digital-item stores specifically for their communities.

SPACs don’t always perform according to expectations. Learn more about how special purpose acquisition companies work, and how to tell if they are a good investment.

The metaverse is currently in the making. Hundreds of companies and teams are working on making their visions of the metaverse a reality. But will this metaverse be open or private?

How do the market pros go about finding that next big trade? Well, that’s precisely what this podcast is about: Finding the next big trade!

RGB diverges from the typical blockchain paradigm by having smart contracts as well as their data executed and validated separately from the blockchain. This way, not every node is tasked with the execution and validation of the smart contract but only the entities affected by the contract.

Some investors turn to the Volatility Index, also known as the “fear index” or “stock market barometer” to gauge the sentiment of fellow stock market investors, to capitalize on anticipated market movements.


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