The Lightning Network is a second-layer (layer 2) payment protocol on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. While the Lightning Network is mainly seen as a potent scaling solution for Bitcoin, it is not exclusive to Bitcoin.

The concept of opportunity cost is important for both investing and most other decisions we make. At the most basic level, opportunity cost is a common-sense concept economists and investors frequently explore.

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies represent an interesting mixture between gold — an ancient store hold of value — and cryptocurrency that potentially represent new-age money. While many investors like cryptocurrencies backed by gold for their more tangible characters, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to catch on.

An Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a way for projects to sell their newly created crypto tokens to the community through a decentralized exchange (DEX). A typical IDO allows investors to lock funds into a smart contract right before a project launches its native token.

NFTs are a diverse asset class, and particularly challenging to value. There are many ways to purchase and trade NFTs. Most NFTs are sold on specialized NFT marketplaces.

In their most basic form, NFTs are smart contracts on a public blockchain. But how do they work? And why are some of them worth millions of dollars?

Terra is a public blockchain project that enables the execution of smart contracts. Terra’s native platform token is LUNA, which can be staked and used for network governance.

You may see this type of equity referred to by several different names, including net assets, residual equity, or stockholder’s’ equity. Shareholders’ equity is an important aspect of a company’s balance sheet.

Shorting a stock, also referred to as short selling, is a complicated strategy. In simple terms, it refers to the practice of borrowing shares or securities, then immediately turning around and selling them.

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