Roubini: Three Pillars of the Coronavirus Apocalypse

Chapter 4 of Nouriel Roubini's interview with Ash Bennington: GREAT RECESSION OR GREATER DEPRESSION?

In this episode, renowned economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini discusses what he regards as the three pillars of the coronavirus crisis. Specifically, Dr. Roubini provides his views on what he believes to have been a failed health response, which he argues raises the probability of a recurrent outbreak of the virus in the winter of 2020. Second, Roubini details how continued economic deterioration could necessitate additional, large scale fiscal stimulus in the U.S., increasing the risk of inflation and stagflation. Finally, he spells out the case for a rising backdrop of geopolitical risk, including the possibility of a US Iran war, the escalating danger of cyber threats, and potential civil unrest in the United States. Real Vision’s Ash Bennington hosts this thought-provoking conversation.