Jack Farley

Jack Farley is a journalist at Real Vision, where he is responsible for booking, coordinating, and conducting interviews. He can be found introducing The Real Vision Daily Briefing on Mondays and Fridays. He previously worked at Bloomberg L.P. and Dealbreaker, and he majored in Economics at Brown University, where he specialized in macroeconomics and financial history.


Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal spent 70 minutes with the elusive legend of the hedge fund world, Dmitry Balyasny. Below are just a few of their insights.

OPEC cuts oil demand forecasts again; spot prices shrug as contango deepens.

Nasdaq’s plunge, echoes of the dot-com crash, and a look at whether Softbank really is “The NASDAQ Whale”

Copper’s new high, Tesla’s new equity offering, flatlining U.S. construction spending, credit card issuers’ tough choice ahead – and more.

Why has the VIX has been rising with the S&P 500? I asked Jason Buck and checked the charts to try and find an answer.

Divergent PMI readings between the U.S. and Europe indicate a stark contrast forming between the two continents. While Europe was hit with a wake-up call today, it looks like the American dream has yet again bought itself more time.

Bad news from the IRS, textbook publishers’ woes, and Johnson & Johnson’s big bond sale.

Foreclosures have stalled even as delinquencies approach 2010 levels. Why is that the case? Also: Berkshire’s investment in Barrick Gold Corp, and a look at Precious Metals Week

Today, initial jobless claims have dropped below 1 million to 963,000, seasonally adjusted for the week ending August 8. This is the first time that initial jobless claims fell below the one million level since the beginning of the pandemic in March.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought $5 billion of its own stock in Q2 – and yet it was a net seller of equities by $13 billion. What gives?


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