Say hello to Charles

The business owner turned investor
who now spots market shifts
before the media report on it.

I’m a business owner. My company makes storage racks used in warehousing.

We’ve been quite successful. But in the last few years, I’ve concentrated more on investing. Because I’ll eventually sell the business, and I’ll need an income source.

Real Vision has been indispensable in my journey from businessman to investor.

It’s interesting… in my industry, you can often see the economy slow early on, before the news reports a recession.  I often see early signs that the economy is about to turn.

Watching Real Vision gives me a similar benefit. It gives me access to true experts… folks at the pinnacle of their professions… who know and understand things the general public just has no clue about.

Real Vision teaches me a lot of things I would simply never learn if I weren’t a subscriber.

You know, a lot of the stuff out there (the free newsletters and such) just contain opinions. But with Real Vision, the expert guests always come armed with facts. Which makes sense, since many of them make a living investing their own money.

That’s why I love Real Vision’s long form interviews. Most financial media just gives you snippets… a trade idea here or a “bold prediction” there. Watching Real vision gives you the opportunity to get to know the experts… to learn how they think… to really appreciate their world view.

I also love the diversity of ideas on Real Vision. I like hearing a lot of different perspectives, because it’s easy to get stuck in an echo chamber where you just listen to people who agree with you.

And I’m a big fan of the lack of advertising on Real Vision. Obviously if you have sponsors, you must say nice things about them, and avoid saying critical things. This can cloud your viewpoint. Not having sponsors allows Real Vision to “dance to its own tune,” so to speak. And it really shines through in the quality and diversity of the content.

But above all else, I think the key to Real Vision’s superior quality is its great interviewers. The interviewers are financial experts themselves. So they know what to ask… how to steer the conversation… and when to be quiet to let the subject speak.

This is probably where Real Vision is thousands of miles ahead of the competition. You read the newspapers or listen to CNBC and it’s clear that the interviewers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re journalists, or TV anchors. Not financial guys.

But at Real Vision, you have financial experts talking to financial experts. And the results are really incredible.