The Real Vision

The final season is here...

The Real Vision

Season Three

The Secret's Out

Since we announced Season 3 of the Collective earlier this week, speculation has been building about what could be included that would be worthy of the final season.

The time has arrived. We’re ready to unveil the utility roadmap to you all. But let’s talk art first, shall we?

If you’ve been following the Real Vision Collective, you’ll know that when it comes to the art, our goal is to amplify communities and artists we respect and appreciate.

For Season 1, we were joined by MFers, XCOPY, Damien Hirst, REKTGUY, The Memes — 6529, Meebits, World of Women, Women and Weapons, and Yinkore.

For Season 2, we were joined by Deadfellaz, SeizeTheMeebs, Sail-o-bots, Larva Lads, CryptoDickbutts, Nakamigos, CrypToadz, Smowl, and CREYZIES.

For the final season (sob…!), we’re mashing up some of the most beloved, fun, innovative projects in the space:


God Hates NFTees
Gh0stly Gh0st
Tiny Dinos

The Reveal: The Collective S3 Utility Roadmap

For the final season of the Collective, we wanted to accomplish 3 key things for the community — both new members and especially for the OGs who jumped on board this crazy journey with us:

  1. Deliver immediate utility that stacks up to much more in ETH/dirty fiat than the mint price…
  2. Deliver perpetual utility that will support the project’s floor price
  3. Rewarding the OGs by focusing on building the upper echelons of the RV Web3 ecoystem

Let’s get into it…

Utility Breakdown: Knowledge x Tools x Network = Success


A 1-year Plus membership (you can redeem from March 4)
699 USD credit added to your RV account if you’re already a Plus member or higher

Unlocked content:
1 report per month unlocked from any RV tier, voted on by the community in Discord

The gift of knowledge:
A 6-month Plus membership to gift to anyone you want
(Two gift memberships if you are already Plus or higher)

Online workshop:
Crypto Investing Workshop with Jamie Coutts


Wallet integration on RV:
Finally unlocking the ability to tokenize content, setting the stage for the tokenization of RV, the facilitation of private communities and big watercooler moments, and more

Trade Ideas competition:
Using the upcoming Trade Ideas templates currently being built in-platform by the RV P&E team, a trade ideas contest where the pot will be 5% of the mint proceeds

RV Marketplace:
Perpetual discount on Marketplace for RV products (10% as long as you hold S3 NFT)

1 x 30-Day All Access Pass:
Valued at 699 USD, you can redeem any time on the RV Marketplace starting in Q2


NFT holder merch through NFT verification (everyone gets a Season 3 t-shirt on us)

Reveal Day Giveaway:
NFTs valued at c. 6 ETH plus a 1-1 with Raoul

RV x Club dVIN contd.:
Airdrop of Club dVIN’s upcoming $bVIN token (more for multiple season holders), RV x Club dVIN Happy Hours starting in March, and more

Season 3 Town Hall:
To set the roadmap ahead with the RV team

Visionary Club:
The highest tier of RV Web3 membership, officially launching in Q2
(More on Visionary Club here)

The Mint Rundown

On February 23, from 9am ET, the Season 3 Collective mint will be live.

The mint will close on March 1 (or before if we mint out).

This season’s strictly limited collection is comprised of just 1,669 NFTs that are equally split between 18 distinct artworks.

The artwork for the NFTs is a mash-up of NFTs owned by The Real Vision Collective, each featuring artwork from 3 of our Season 3 partner communities.

While the NFTs may feature different artwork, each NFT entitles holders to the same benefits and utilities.

The NFT artwork will be randomly assigned and revealed on March 8.

And you’ll then be able to verify your NFT and redeem your free merch.

The Real Vision

Season Three

All mints open Feb. 23.

If you registered for the premint, make sure to click the correct link.

RVIP Club members:

Mint closed

RV Genesis, Collective, Plus members and higher:

Mint closed

Public mint:

Mint closed

The NFT Giveaway

Welcome to the NFT Giveaway, where you can earn points in multiple different ways to increase your chances of winning some of the prize pool.

Each point you earn gives you 1 entry in the Giveaway.

The Mechanics

For each premint entry1
Each successful referral1
Minting a Collective Season 3 NFT5
Per Season 1 & 2 NFT in your registered premint wallet1
Per RV Genesis NFT in your registered premint wallet2

And get points by minting early…

Be one of the first 250 to mint4
Be number #215 to #500 to mint3
Be number #501 to #750 to mint2
Be number #751 to #10001

The Prize Pool

World of Women NFT (Floor price: c. 0.9 ETH each)2
Rektguy NFT (Floor price: c. 0.65 ETH each)2
MFers NFT (Floor price: c. 0.49 ETH each)2
CryptoDickbutts NFT (Floor price: c. 0.6 ETH each)2
1-1 with Raoul Pal (If we mint out)1

NFTs in the prize pool are unlocked in stages.

Stage Completed# Prizes
Mint opens2
251 NFTs minted+1
501 NFTs minted+1
751 NFTs minted+2
1,000 NFTs minted+1
1,251 NFTs minted+1
Mint out: 1-1 session with Raoul Pal unlocked+1
Total # prizes9

The boring, but still important giveaway T&Cs…

The RV Web3 Ecosystem

Our Web3 journey so far...

Community Stats (NFTs)

3,500+ unique NFT holders

More than 50%+ Discord member growth since 2023

10,083 Total Discord members

285,000+ messages sent

11,000+ GMs sent

Tokens (NFTs)

Genesis NFT


Real Vision Collective


Real Vision Collectibles


Real Vision Academy


Genesis NFT

Your premier membership to the RV Web3 ecosystem
  • VIP access & network
  • Pro Crypto discounts
  • First access/discounts to future products & services
  • Ridiculous discounts to The Macro Experience
  • Priority access to The Cayman Experience, Meetups, and other events
  • DAO membership
  • Real Vision Academy FREE access & Soulbound NFT
  • Community designed art

Tokens (NFTs)

Bringing together people and communities
  • 5-year RV Essential subscription (Value: $895)
  • “The Everything Option”
  • Festival of Learning
  • Visionary Club (coming soon)
  • Web3 integration in Q2 2024

Real Vision Academy

Learn how to understand and trade crypto from the experts.
  • Hosted by Rektguys founders, OSF & Mando
  • New sessions coming April 2024
  • Lifetime access with a soulbound NFT

RV Vintage Collectibles

A free mint celebration of iconic images and characters that have shaped Real Vision since our inception in 2014.

Web3 Holder Perks

Giveaways (over $500K worth of NFTs, merch, and subscriptions across all NFT holders)
  • OCM, Ledger, Kingdom of Laughing Man, EET Oracle, Twelve Days of CryptoArt, and more.
Real Vision Trading League
  • The journey continues in 2024 on the new RV platform.
  • Crypto Gathering 2022 in New York City, heavily discounted tickets to The Macro Experience and The Academy Workshop, The Cayman Experience, and more.
  • Community organized events:
    • Wine tasting and nibbles in Napa
    • Rum tasting and get together in Koblenz
    • Art exhibition and tasting in Singapore
    • Global RV Meetups
    • And much more…
  • Web3 .realvision ID’s
  • Poker Nights
  • Community TwitterX spaces & AMAs

Visionary Club

Points by Rarity
Table Header
Table Header
Full set of NFTs from one season20
All NFTs of all three seasons40
All NFTs of all three seasons + Genesis50


Degen Happy Hour
Unf*ck Your Future access
Discord Distillery
  • Superrare — Generative and AI Art: Artists, algorithms and the future of digital fine art
  • Superrare — Through the Lens: The evolution of photography in the digital age
  • Superrare — Artist community building and decentralized curation
  • Meebits — Meebing into web3
  • Mf’ers — a mf’ing web3 community
  • Rekt Guy — Get Rekt’d or die trying
  • 1D = 1B — The Cryptodickbutts story

Here's what the Hive's been saying...

“A community like this is something I’ve been looking for in this space for years. And when it first launched and was in it’s infancy, I knew it had the potential to be what it is now.”


“As a community we’re all here to support one another, regardless of who we are, our background, knowledge, network or level of wealth. That’s the beauty of this community vs many others.”


“This collective is about to EXPLODE!!”


“I’m one of the early adopters and really enjoy the community. I don’t intend to ever sell my RV Genesis or Collective.”


“The RV Collective = The Experienced Finance ChatGPT.”


“We’re not just a community; we’re pioneers at the forefront of the crypto revolution!”


“The real value comes from active participation in the community. The learning comes from contributing and sharing along with others in the hive mind.”


“One reason why I love the RV community is we can be blunt/straight forward with thoughts/opinions without a verbal death match.”


“I have to agree. I’ve learned so much from the community. Great stuff!”


Our Mission

Our sole purpose at Real Vision is to help our members build their financial world across Web3, crypto, and macro. Because we see a world where everyone should be able to keep their promises to their “future self” — the ever-evolving aspirational identity of how we see ourselves in the future.

The Real Vision Collective plays a crucial role in achieving this vision. By serving as the hub for the entire Web3 community, we can support members in their journeys within the Web3 landscape, along with their broader financial journey, while also facilitating the growth and advancement of the Web3 community, which we all passionately believe in.

Our Values

Collaboration — We are in this together. We are sharing ideas together. We are participating together. We level the playing field across macro, crypto, and Web3 together. Bravery — We live outside our comfort zone. We take calculated risks.

We get excited to learn new things. We don’t mind falling down if it means improving in some way. Drive — We work hard to build the world we want to live in. We push the boundaries of innovation. If this sounds like your kind of community, please join us and be a part of a fun, irreverent, and innovative culture where success and failure are celebrated, and socialization and communication are encouraged.

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