Hugh Hendry

Eclectica Asset Management

  • Founder and chief investment officer of EclecticaAsset Management LLP
  • A bona-fide contrarian
  • A master of portfolio construction


Eclectica Asset Management




You’ve got to be very conscious that every risk asset has drawdowns. And you’ve got to be very careful that your initial entry is not at a point – or of such a size – that a small drawdown will force you to sell. If you’re selling just because of the P&L strain, it means you didn’t do your initial homework properly.

Hugh Hendry on Real Vision – September 2, 2016

Hugh Hendry is founder and chief investment officer of Eclectica Asset Management. Originally from Scotland, Hendry rose to fame in 2008 when his fund made a killing during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Hendry nailed a series of big calls leading up to and during the crisis, netting a 50% return in October 2008 alone. His fund finished 2008 up 31.2%, all while huge losses were putting many professional investors out of business.

Hendry is a bona-fide contrarian. Known for his willingness to speak his mind even when his opinions are unpopular, he’s been called a ‘pirate’ of the hedge fund business.

Hendry’s talent for positioning his funds to profit while also limiting downside exposure has made him a legend in the hedge-fund world. His world-class knowledge of portfolio construction has led to his being dubbed the ‘Portfolio King’.