Doubleline Capital

  • Self-made Billionaire and Founder and CEO of Doubleline Capital
  • Dubbed the “Bond God” for his consistently stellar performance in managing bond funds
  • Nominated by Morningstar as Fixed Income Manager of the Decade for 2000-2010


Doubleline Capital



There’s the old adage about fear and greed driving markets. And certainly greed is powerful, and fear is even more powerful. But there’s one thing that’s even bigger than those two: need. If you need to buy something, you don’t really have any choice. You might need to because you’re a bank and need to hit some regulatory targets. Or people may buy need to generate income from retirement savings to buy food. So it’s not really an issue of how much risk they’re taking. They either starve or they take the risk. They need to take it. When people are doing things based on need, they very rarely work out.

Jeff Gundlach on Real Vision, May 8, 2015

Jeff Gundlach is Founder and CEO of Doubline Capital. He’s a bond specialist with a decades-long track record of outperforming his competition. Morningstar nominated Gundlach as Fixed Income Manager of the Decade in 2010. And from 2011-2014, Gundlach’s mutual fund beat 97% of its rivals.

A brilliant and controversial analyst, Gundlach’s expertise extends to demographics, portfolio construction, and emerging markets. Each year he’s a main attraction at top-tier investment conferences like Ira Sohn and the Evidence Based Investing Conference. He’s also a favorite among Real Vision subscribers, who say of his interviews:

A brilliant guy who conveys his thoughts in a pleasant and easy to understand way. I really enjoy listening to him.

He articulates his thinking extremely well.

Such a brilliant guy. Top notch.