Jim Rogers – Real Vision

  • A legendary trader and investor. His incredible 31%+ per year gains over an eleven year period rank him as a top ten investor of all-time.
  • From 1970 – 1980, while the broad market advanced just 47%. Rogers achieved a gain of 4,200%
  • Founded the famed Quantum fund with fellow trading legend George Soros.



The lesson of history is that most people don't learn the lesson of history. They ignore the lesson of history. We all know that if we'd invested in China 1981, we'd be the richest people in the room right now. And yet, in 1981, everyone including me would have said: what's wrong with you? Don't you know about Mao Zedong? Don’t you know about the Great Leap Forward? I'm sure that if someone told you in 1948 that you should invest in Germany, people would have said, don't you know about Adolf Hitler? Don't you know about the disaster of what this country was? If you'd said Japan, they’d say don't you know about Hiroshima? The atomic bomb? You don't know about the dictator, the emperor? How could you invest there?

Jim Rogers speaking to Real Vision about contrarian investing - August 26, 2016

Jim Rogers is a living legend in the investing world.

His mind-blowing track record includes 31% average annual gains a year during the 1970s. And together with George Soros, Rogers achieved a 4,200% gain in the famed Quantum fund from 1970-80. (The broad market returned just 47% during this period).

Based in Singapore, Rogers is a businessman, traveler, financial commentator and writer. He is the author of two classic, must-read financial books: Investment Biker and Hot Commodities.

Today, Rogers is best known for his incredible knowledge of commodities investments. He is an outspoken advocate for investing in productive farmland.