Hayman Capital Management

  • Self-made hedge fund multimillionaire and founder of Hayman Capital Management
  • Predicted the 2008 financial crisis (and made a fortune betting on it)
  • One of the investing geniuses who inspired the novel The Big Short
  • Adored by Real Vision subscribers for his frank, insightful views and his ability to break down complex concepts


Hayman Capital Management



When you trade on emotion, you lose every time. The greatest battles you and I fight are in our heads.

Kyle Bass on Real Vision – January 30, 2015

Kyle Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management. A truly original thinker, Bass was one of very few investors to both predict and profit from the 2008 financial crisis. By buying credit default swaps (CDSs) on subprime securities, he made a fortune for his investors when the U.S. housing market crashed in 2008.

Here’s what Michael Lewis, author of the The Big Short, said about Kyle:

The subprime crisis in the housing market led to a financial crisis and fears of a recession. If only someone could have predicted it…. Someone did: His name is Kyle Bass, and he made his clients about half a billion dollars from it.

Charismatic but down-to-earth, Bass’s razor intellect and warm speaking style have made him a Real Vision favorite. His interviews with Real Vision have been described as alone ‘worth the annual subscription’.