• One of the most successful hedge fund managers of his generation
  • Correctly predicted (and profited from) the U.S. housing crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis
  • One of the most highly-rated Real Vision contributors of all-time




When you think about what a chart tells you…it takes you two seconds to look at, and there’s just an enormous amount of information encapsulated in it. So I think looking at charts is a really efficient way to do research. If there’s a chart, and it looks great, and at the same time everybody hates the idea, I know I’ve got a pretty good chance of making money.

Mark Hart to Real Vision - September 25, 2014

Texas hedge fund manager Mark Hart is one of the most successful investors of his generation. While the US and European debt crises of the 2000s caused the shut-down of countless hedge funds, Hart predicted and profited from both of these events. He may be the only professional money manager to have done so.

In September 2006, Hart partnered with fellow money manager Kyle Bass to launch a fund to bet against U.S. mortgage-backed securities. By December 2007, investors in that fund had earned 500%+ net of fees. He was also the very first investor to launch a fund to profit from the European’s government debt crisis. That fund generated gains of several hundred percent.

From 2001 – mid 2006, Hart achieved 45% net annualized returns. This incredible track record likely ranks him as the most successful hedge fund manager in the world during that period

Despite his extraordinary success, Hart is a humble, down-to-earth, and insightful speaker. A close friend of Real Vision, subscribers rate his interviews among the best Real Vision content of all-time.