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  • A self-made billionaire and a living legend in the natural resource business
  • CEO of Sprott US Holdings, Inc.
  • One of the most successful brokers of all-time; his contrarian investing style has led to huge profits in mining, energy, water utilities, forest products and agriculture.


Sprott Global


Natural Resources

Really great investors have a deep capacity for pain. Buying something two years before it recovers – understanding you’ll be ecstatic in 5 years, but in some agony in 12 months – is a real skill.

Rick Rule to Real Vision, March 25 2016

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott US Holdings, is perhaps the most successful broker of natural resource investments ever . A staunch contrarian, Rule looks to buy natural resource businesses for bargain prices after they’ve suffered large declines. Through the years, his disciplined investing style has made his clients billions of dollars in natural resources like gold, silver, copper, uranium, water, and agriculture.

A captivating and quotable speaker, Rule is a fan-favorite at industry investment conferences. Investors hoping to absorb his 45+ years of investment wisdom ensure there’s “standing room only” whenever Rule steps up to a podium