Will the coronavirus cause the everything bubble to pop, trigger a global economic depression, and be the impetus for major systemic changes? Follow the epidemic here for the latest updates and in-depth analysis on what could be the “biggest economic event of our lifetimes.”


It’s hard to find words to describe the markets and news cycle we’re all living through. While the S&P 500 ended the week up just over 10% off last week’s close, the world — and especially the United States — continues to grapple with a rising tide of anxiety and fear around coronavirus.

Total confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US exploded past 100,000 late on Friday, after surpassing both Italy and China in total case count earlier in the week, making the US the undisputed center of the global pandemic. The total number of dead in the US from the virus exceed 1,500 lives lost, with nearly a quarter of the deaths occurring in New York City alone, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. While these numbers are based on the official data, the underlying outlook remains opaque, with a large percentage of cases almost certainly remaining underreported.

President Trump signed a $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus bill — the largest economic stimulus package in history — after it passed both houses of Congress. The president also ordered GM to start making ventilators under the Defense Production Act to ease the strain of a ventilator shortage in US hospitals. In Britain, Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson both tested positive for coronavirus. Meanwhile, oil continued its slump on diminished demand expectations, with international benchmark Brent Crude sliding down over 7% to just above $25 a barrel.

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