Episode #1,000 🎉

4 years delivering the sharpest perspectives on markets, every trading day — no B.S., no jargon, no talking heads.

"Lookin' good, Billy-Ray!"

“The Daily Briefing really makes my day.”

— Joseph A.

“I usually get a couple of things to dig deeper on from you every day.”

— Jeremy G.

“Incredibly entertaining and informative.”

— Matthew H.

Back in March of 2020, as markets imploded and the generational events seemed to be happening every day, Real Vision launched a new show to meet the needs of our members — the Daily Briefing.

4 years later, we’re celebrating the 1,000th episode of the Daily Briefing.

Now a mainstay of Real Vision and a fan-favorite, the Daily Briefing will continue to bring you the sharpest market analysis you find anywhere… all for free on Real Vision.

"We have no idea how long the Daily Briefing will last..."
— Ed Harrison, March 20, 2020


Views on the Real Vision platform.


Hours of market analysis.


Market pros bringing you analysis.

And these are just some of the numbers from the Real Vision platform.
Not including the millions of views over the years on YouTube, Twitter, and everywhere else the Daily Briefing has been aired…!

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Your hosts through the years...

Maggie Lake

Managing Editor, Real Vision
# Episodes: 369
First appeared: 8/31/2021

“I have to acknowledge the outstanding RV interviewers — Maggie is exceptional!”

— Elizabeth

Ash Bennington

Senior Editor, Real Vision
# Episodes: 368
First appeared: 3/20/2020

Ash is every bit as great behind the scenes as he is on camera.”

— Kris B.

Ed Harrison

(Now) Managing Editor, Bloomberg
# Episodes: 182
First appeared: 3/16/2020

“‘Looking good Billy-Ray!’ I looked forward to seeing and listening to Ed and Ash everyday.”

— Frank F.

Jack Farley

(Now) Journalist & Host, Blockworks
# Episodes: 171
First appeared: 3/30/2020

“Thank you, Jack, for helping make the world of finance more comprehensible.”

— Gloria H.

With special shout-outs to Haley Draznin, Max Wiethe, Weston Nakamura, Nick Correa, and Peter Cooper over the years, too.

"TG got a new mic. Bullish."

The Daily Briefing wouldn’t be what it is without the guests who take time out of their day to share their insights and update the RV community.

From Real Vision and the community, thank you to every guest who’s helped make the show what it is today.

Not only have you always brought along your insights, you’ve shared your sense of humor, too (hit the play button).

In all, 157 guests (and counting) have appeared on the Daily Briefing, with Tony “TG Tuesday” Greer appearing 109 times…!

“The Real Vision Daily Briefing does a nice job of bringing true experts on every day, I hardly miss a session.” — Jacqueline C.

Tony Greer
109 appearances
Darius Dale
86 appearances
Raoul Pal
82 appearances
Andreas Steno Larsen
80 appearances
Jared Dillian
54 appearances
Tommy Thornton
47 appearances
Roger Hirst
39 appearances
Peter Boockvar
37 appearances
Jim Bianco
30 appearances
Mark Ritchie II
25 appearances

…And Dave Floyd, Katie Stockton, Mish Schneider, Peter Zeihan, Lyn Alden, and Michael Howell, to name but a few of the 157 who have appeared on RVDB.


Years of RVDB have been streamed by viewers. (That’s 81.5m minutes).


Likes on the RV platform.


Community comments.

💬 Community roll call

By no means an exhaustive list, but since the beginning, these OGs have been keeping the chat and the comments engaging, informative, humorous, and at times incredibly distracting (in the best possible way…!)

We at RV salute you all…

  • Paul
  • Ralph
  • Christopher
  • Ch Ed
  • Rick
  • Doug
  • Bryan
  • Melvin
  • Oliver
  • Peter
  • Bo
  • Lena
  • Marty
  • AJS
  • DLS
  • Timothy

King of the Daily Briefing

Putting on a daily show is by no means a small task, let alone one that’s been running for 4 years.

Over the years, RVDB has been brought to you with the help of:

  • Nick
  • Gabrielle
  • Peter
  • Nico
  • Mario
  • George

To name but a few…

But even internally, one person is known as “The King of the Daily Briefing”.

All hail the King… King Brian.

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