The Experience

Join thousands of attendees to learn from the world’s best investors and thinkers, share your experiences and connect online. For two days, Real Vision’s Festival of Learning will stream more than 25 hours of peer-to-peer interviews, panels, and workshops. Get ready to expand your mind and take your investing strategy to the next level…












The Stages

Real Vision's Festival of Learning

The How I Invest Stage

Over 2 days, financial rock stars will take you on a journey of discovery through their entire investing process. The biggest names in the industry will lift the curtain on how they invest in a way never publicly seen before…

Sessions include:

  • How I Invest with Kyle Bass
  • How I Invest with Hugh Hendry
  • How I Invest with Carson Block
  • How I Invest with Jerry Haworth
  • And many more…
Real Vision's Festival of Learning

The WTF? Stage

This stage will give festival-goers the education that every investor desperately wants and needs. You’ll be armed with step-by-step guides to some of the most confusing concepts in finance and discover new, inspiring ways of thinking about “the basics.”

Sessions include:

  • Idea Generation with Raoul Pal & Julian Brigden
  • History of Finance with Jamie Catherwood & Mike Green
  • What Kind of Investor Are You? with Brett Steenbarger
  • Portfolio Construction with James Helliwell & Raoul Pal
  • And many more…

The Tents

Real Vision's Festival of Learning

The Tent of Enlightenment

Expand your mind with new ways of thinking about mental health, financial health, and work-life balance…

Sessions include:

  • Grant Williams in Conversation with Michael Lewis
  • Morgan Housel & The Psychology of Investing
  • Dr. Pippa Malmgren & Happiness
  • Session with Dr. Gio Valiante
  • And more…
Real Vision's Festival of Learning

The "I F*cked Up” Tent

Some of the world’s greatest investors will be opening up about what they learned from their biggest investing failures… and helping you with your problem trades.

Sessions include:

  • Panel: My Biggest F*ck Up and What I Learned From It
  • Workshop: The Trade Doctor Is In
  • Panel: Letter to My First-Year Trading Self
  • Denise Shull: WTF Did I Just Do?
  • And more…
Milton - Real Vision's Festival of Learning

The Real Vision Tent

Dive into sessions with the Real Vision founders, and get access to the most enlightening, actionable master classes from Real Vision’s history.

Sessions include:

  • Raoul Pal & Damian Horner on The Real Vision Story
  • Masterclass with Mark Hart (Archive)
  • Masterclass with John Burbank (Archive)
  • Technical Analysis with Peter Brandt (Archive)
  • And more…

Festival Launches In...


The Speakers

An unparalleled lineup of rock stars from the worlds of finance, economics, psychology, performance coaching, wellness and more are joining us at the Festival. They will share their investing secrets, present actionable insights and reveal new, creative ways of thinking about investing.

Raoul Pal
CEO & Co-Founder
Real Vision

Michael Lewis
Best-Selling Author
The Fifth Risk, Moneyball, The Blind Side, & The Big Short

Grant Williams
Author/publisher of Things That Make You Go Hmmm…
Co-Founder, Real Vision

Kyle Bass
CIO & Founder
Hayman Capital Management

Hugh Hendry

Dr. Pippa Malmgren
H Robotics Limited

Jim O’Shaughnessy
Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer
O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Peter Brandt
Factor LLC

Julian Brigden
Co-Founder & President
Macro Intelligence 2 Partners

Carson Block
CIO & Founder
Muddy Waters Capital, LLC

Jerry Haworth
36 South Capital Advisors

Dr. Brett Steenbarger
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
SUNY Upstate Medical University; Syracuse, NY

Steve Diggle
Vulpes Investment Management

Jeffrey Sherman
Deputy CIO
DoubleLine Capital, LP

Mark Yusko
CEO, Co-Founder & CIO
Morgan Creek Capital

Mike Green
Chief Strategist & Portfolio Manager
Logica Capital

Jared Dillian
The Daily Dirtnap

Tom Thornton
Hedge Fund Telemetry

Larry McDonald
Head of Macro & Author (“A Colossal Failure of Common Sense, The Inside Story of The Collapse of Lehman Brothers”)

Morgan Housel
The Collaborative Fund

Dan Tapiero
DTAP Capital
10T Holdings

Dr. Gio Valiante
Sport Psychologist, Author (“Fearless Golf”) & Former Head Performance Coach at Point72 Asset Mgmt.

Chris Como
Elite Golf Instructor

Tony Greer
TG Macro

Jason Buck
Mutiny Fund

Edward Misrahi
CIO & Founding Partner
Ronit Capital

Dave Floyd
Aspen Trading Group

Denise Shull
Performance & Decision Advisor
The ReThink Group Inc.

Mark Ritchie Jr.
RTM Capital Advisors, LLC


Damian Horner
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Real Vision

Brent Johnson
Santiago Capital

Steven Goldstein
Managing Director
Alpha R Cubed

Taylor Pearson
Mutiny Fund

Roger Hirst
Managing Editor
Real Vision

Tony Crabbe
Business Psychologist & Author

Max Wiethe
Real Vision

Jamie Catherwood
Client Portfolio Associate
O’Shaughnessy Asset Management



James Helliwell
Director, Chief Investment Strategist
Lex van Dam Academy

Tyler Neville
Senior Editor
Real Vision

Ash Bennington
Senior Editor
Real Vision

And many more to be announced soon…

The Tickets

I am NOT a Real Vision member…

Real Vision Plus members (and higher) go free. Visit the link below to get a year of Real Vision Plus. Once you join, we’ll email you with a 100% discount code so you can register for The Festival of Learning for free.

Standalone tickets: A 2-day ticket for the Festival of Learning costs $399 for non-members until 11.59pm ET on September 1, when tickets will go up to $599. You can secure your standalone ticket through the link below. 

I am a Real Vision member…

Essential members: Use your existing member credit to upgrade to Plus, and we’ll send you an email with details on how to register for free right here.

If you don’t want to upgrade to Plus, you can get a standalone ticket at the special Essential rate. Please check your email for details.

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Pro members and The Blacklist: You get in the door for free, and you get free access to the Afterhours event on September 4th, exclusively for Pro members and The Blacklist.

Please check your email for details on how to register. Once you register for the Festival Learning (here), we will automatically register you for the Afterhours event (further details coming soon).

The View

What attendees say about Real Vision events…

The FAQs

Real Vision’s mission has always been to democratize financial intelligence. With the Festival of Learning, we’re democratizing access to financial education, too. We want to help investors of all levels by giving them access to the world’s best investors and thinkers in a way that simply isn’t possible at in-person events. The Festival is unlike any other finance event in the world – it’s Burning Man for capitalists. Dead Poet’s Society for investors. A new world’s fair for the intellectually curious…

A 2-day ticket for the Festival of Learning costs $399 for non-members until 11.59pm ET on September 1, when tickets will go up to $599.

Real Vision Essential members can get a ticket for $299 – or upgrade to Plus.

And Real Vision Plus, Pro, and Blacklist members get the Festival ticket included in their membership. Once you join Real Vision Plus, we’ll email you instructions on how to get your free ticket.

As this is an educational event, we are also offering special student pricing. Please email for details.

We will be shutting down free and discount codes at midnight on September 1. So please do ensure you register before then. We sent the code and registration instructions by email – please search your inbox for “Festival of Learning.” If you did not receive the email, please drop us a line at

We will be doing the equivalent of checking tickets at the door – everyone who registers using a members-only code will have their registration email address cross-checked with their Real Vision email address. In short, anyone who uses a Real Vision members code who isn’t a member, will be booted out the door. This event is free for Real Vision Plus, Pro, and Blacklist members only.

We’re working hard to finalize the full agenda and will be sharing it very soon. In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at some of the sessions right here.

Your ticket includes full access to The Festival of Learning, access to our Festival Slack channels, and post-event access to the sessions (subject to speaker permission), reading lists, and more.

And if you have joined Real Vision Plus in order to get a free ticket for the Festival of Learning, you also get a full year of access to real, in-depth analysis from real experts, to help you capitalize on what you learn at the Festival and gain a deeper understanding of finance, business, and the global economy.

We don’t offer refunds but you can transfer standalone tickets to a colleague or friend. Any ticket transfers must be made at least 24 hours before the event starts.

Absolutely – the WTF?! Stage will give you an actionable crash-course education in some of the most important concepts in investing and finance. The How I Invest Stage will take you deep into the thinking of some of the world’s best investors. The I Fucked Up Tent will teach you what not to do, while the Tent of Enlightenment will expand your mind on how investing fits into your life.

The Festival is suitable for investors of all levels, with a thoughtfully curated list of guests you won’t find at any other finance event in the world.

No problem. Once you have a ticket, you’ll be able to watch the sessions whenever you want, wherever you want (subject to speaker permission). This is also an important addition for those who can attend live, as sometimes there will be multiple sessions happening at once (yeah, we’re fitting a LOT in over two days…) One thing to note, the session with Michael Lewis will only be available until October 1st.


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