The New World of Super Hacking

Published on October 30, 2017


This word conjures up many images.

From the movies we envision a High School kid in his bedroom breaking into the school’s database to switch his F to an A.

Or we imagine a weasely looking man using his laptop to steal someone’s identity to plunder their retirement account.

These images are correct. However there’s another form of cyber hacking. And it’s so dangerous, it could result in a mass casualty event such as power grids being shut down, bank data erased, and the disabling of America’s defense networks.

It’s called “state sponsored cyber hacking.”

And it’s a clear and present danger.

That’s what we learned when Real Vision Television interviewed Arthur Keleti, who’s a cyber security specialist.

You’ve no doubt seen the news stories about Russia’s purported hacking of the Presidential election. Their electronic warfare capabilities have advanced so much that, Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, said, “you can’t but come to the conclusion that we’re not making progress at the pace the threat demands.”

More alarming still is China’s government sponsored hacking operation. It’s estimated they have 40,000 hackers clacking away for their government.

And they’re penetrating American military and corporate databases.

But it’s not just Russia and China doing this. Israel, Iran – anyone with a budget hacks our systems.

What really concerns Arthur is the American government is far behind in this covert war of the computers. And the reason why is one that could take years to resolve.

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