Gary Vaynerchuk
talks NFTs on Real Vision

“There’s something for everyone to learn from this.”

– Raoul Pal

“GaryVee” is a serial entrepreneur and author, known predominantly for his work in digital marketing and social media, with more than 30 million followers across all platforms.

Vaynerchuk is also a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Coinbase, Uber, and more.

Right now? He has his eyes closely fixed on NFTs, and what they could mean for investors, communities, brands and more…

So When @garyvee Tweets to 2.3m+ Followers...

…he’s not just looking for a casual chat, but an in-depth discussion with other people who share his knowledge and understanding of this space.

30 Minutes Later...

GaryVee and Raoul in podcast will be the highest watched podcast ever aired for NFT!! Gary there is no other beast who understands NFT and Crypto like Raoul!! Please make it happen… ❤️


Been looking for this interview to happen for too long @garyvee @RealVision 🔥🔥


What a duo THIS would be! Do it, booys! 


@RaoulGMI @garyvee This is the one Gary


@RaoulGMI @garyvee I love both of you guys. Please do this.


@garyvee The people would love to see this. Raoul and you would be next level.


@RaoulGMI + @garyvee let’s go!!! Would be a fantastic conversation to listen to. Make it happen 👊


Real Vision is the best for this!


@garyvee The people would love to see this. Raoul and you would be next level.


@garyvee @RaoulGMI definitely jump on with Raoul


There’s only really one place you should be thinking about when talking about digital assets… And that’s Real Vision Crypto.

24 Hours Later...

…Raoul Pal and Gary Vaynerchuk were wrapping up.

They got in a lot

  • How Farmville was enough to make Gary believe in NFTs
  • Why social signalling means NFTs won’t be a fad
  • Why he believes 99% of current NFTs are going to fail
  • How he plans to “build Disney over the next 40 years” through VeeFriends
  • Why he believes culture will become financialized over the next 15 years
  • Why he thinks “the tokenization of culture is going to be a big f*cking deal”
  • And much, much more…

As Raoul Pal said, “There’s something for everyone to learn from this”.

So What Now?

From Friday, August 6...

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