Real Vision is Once Again Asking The Biggest Names The Biggest Question…

Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?"

Get answers from Kyle Bass... Howard Marks... Raoul Pal… Mike Novogratz... And many more… for $1

We’re speeding into the biggest recession since the Great Depression. There is no exit. It’s happening, and it’s scary.

WTF is next?

That’s the question everyone is asking Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal…

So, we’re bringing you answers – from some of the brightest and most legendary minds in finance.

Global Recession: What’s Next? kicks off May 11. It’s the two most important weeks of programming in Real Vision history.

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The Answers That Matter to You… From The Legends Who Matter

People are overwhelmed with daily COVID-19 reporting: the numbers, the deaths, the false dawns. All of which makes it tough to see beyond our current nightmare.

But see beyond it we must, because what lies ahead is a completely new world – for everyone.

Figuring out the big picture is what we do best at Real Vision. We track the big themes changing the world as they happen, while most media outlets just report on them after the fact.

Just ask any of our members who saw our Recession Watch series last year and used the invaluable information in there to avoid a world of pain…

During Global Recession: What’s Next? we’re going to arm you with the information you need to secure your present and your future…

We’re going to get the world’s greatest, hardest-to-access financial legends in front of you…

Join us today and get ready for…

Howard Marks on Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?" series

The legendary Howard Marks sharing his macro views with you (and revealing where he thinks opportunity lies…)

Kyle Bass on Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?" series

The one and only Kyle Bass dives into the world of macro and sheds light on economic and political tensions between the U.S. and China

Mike Novogratz on Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?" series

Investing titan Mike Novogratz reveals his ultimate safe-haven asset during the ongoing “money-printing orgy”

Brent Johnson & William White on Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?" series

Brent Johnson and William White talking central banks, currencies, and more

Richard Koo on Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?" finance series

Economist Richard Koo on liquidity traps, balance sheet recessions, and why excess savings might bring Japan’s “lost decade” to the U.S.

Hugh Hendry & Dr. Richard Werner on Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?" finance series

Contrarian investor Hugh Hendry and Dr. Richard Werner on why central banks worldwide may soon adopt the policies of the “Princes of the Yen”

Raoul Pal expertly guiding you through this two-week journey and sharing his latest views on where we’re going next…

and more… So much more. That’s only the beginning.

Two final, important points…

  1. Global Recession: What’s Next? is so important that we urge you to spread it far and wide. When Real Vision was born, it was because our founders wanted to right the inequality which led to people’s lives being destroyed in 2008. All the big guys saw 2008 coming – Joe Public didn’t, because he didn’t have access to the same information.
  2. You get 30 full days of Real Vision for that dollar. We hope you’ll love what you see and decide to stay. If not – no problem. Just cancel before the 30 days are up and you’ll never be charged. It really is that simple. If we can help change your life in exchange for a dollar, we take that as a huge win.


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