Real Vision is Once Again Asking The Biggest Names The Biggest Question…

Real Vision's "Global Recession: What's Next?"

Get answers from Kyle Bass... Howard Marks... Raoul Pal… Mike Novogratz... Hugh Hendry... And many more… for $1.

We’re speeding into the biggest recession since the Great Depression. There is no exit. It’s happening, and it’s scary.

WTF is next?

That’s the question everyone is asking Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal…

So, we’re bringing you answers – from some of the brightest and most legendary minds in finance.

Global Recession: What’s Next? kicks off May 11. It’s the two most important weeks of programming in Real Vision history.

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The Answers That Matter to You… From The Legends Who Matter

Join us today for a dollar and get ready for…

  • The legendary Howard Marks sharing his macro views with you (and revealing where he thinks opportunity lies…)
  •  The one and only Kyle Bass dives into the world of macro and sheds light on economic and political tensions between the U.S. and China
  • Investing titan Mike Novogratz explains why he thinks the ongoing “money-printing orgy” is making Bitcoin the ultimate safe-haven asset
  • Brent Johnson and William White talking central banks, currencies, and more
  • Economist Richard Koo on liquidity traps, balance sheet recessions, and why excess savings might bring Japan’s “lost decade” to the U.S.
  • Contrarian investor Hugh Hendry and Dr. Richard Werner on why central banks worldwide may soon adopt the policies of the “Princes of the Yen”
  • Raoul Pal expertly guiding you through this two-week journey and sharing his latest views on where we’re going next…
  • And more… So much more. That’s only the beginning.

We’re bringing you knowledge that is simply unavailable anywhere else, and giving you access to normally impossible-to-access giants of finance

And there is absolutely no commitment on your part beyond $1.

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