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Raoul Pal’s Journey of Discovery...

Recession? Inflation? Stagflation? Everyone’s got an opinion…

And Real Vision Co-Founder and CEO Raoul Pal has his.

Here’s what he thinks…

  1. Economic growth is going to fall sharply in the second half of 2022
  2. That may change the Fed’s plans
  3. Inflation will ease off quite sharply, too

But as he also says, “I’ve been in this business long enough to know that we all get to be wrong sometimes.”

That’s why Raoul has gone on a journey of discovery with a hand-picked group of A-listers on Real Vision: to bring you in-depth analysis on the real stuff that’s happening.

The World's Best...

To help Raoul — and the rest of us — make sense of what’s happening and what’s important, we’ve gathered the world’s best analysts and the world’s best investors in their field including:

Alex Gurevich
HonTe Investments

Founder & CIO

Juliette Declercq
JDI Research


David Rosenberg
Rosenberg Research & Associates Inc.

President & Chief Economist & Strategist

Dee Smith
Strategic Insight Group

Founder & CEO

Peter Zeihan
Zeihan on Politics

Geopolitical Strategist

Pierre Andurand
Andurand Capital


Dwight Anderson
Ospraie Management

Founder & Managing Partner

Eric Basmajian
EPB Macro Research


Tascha Che
Tascha Labs


Teddy Vallee
Pervalle Global

Founder & CIO

Jim Bianco
Bianco Research


Danielle DiMartino Booth
Quill Intelligence


Jared Dillian
The Daily Dirtnap


Christian Alexander
Macro Link LLC


Louis-Vincent Gave
Gavekal Research


Peter Brandt
Factor LLC


Jurrien Timmer
Fidelity Investments

Director of Global Macro Research

Dario Perkins
TS Lombard

Global Macro

Marko Papic
Clocktower Group

Partner & Chief Strategist

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The folks at @RealVision also have built an awesome company very fast – and one which will withstand the violent tides of crypto.

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@Logan B

You guys at @realvision have been crushing it lately with interviews. It’s slightly depressing to see how scary smart the competition is…

But, it’s even more motivating and fascinating.

No joke Real Vision has changed my life.


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