Say hello to John

The Managing Director with a
‘backstage pass’ into the world of finance.

Real Vison is like my “Backstage Pass” into the world of investing and finance.

Watching some of the interviews, I feel like I’m sitting in a closed-door meeting at a New York City hedge fund or Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm.

Once you subscribe to Real Vision you see dozens of comments on the best interviews that say:

“This video is worth the price of the annual subscription alone!”

I joke that I hate these comments because I don’t want Real Vision to do the rational thing and increase the subscription price.

But seriously, if you think the subscription is expensive, try not having a subscription. I know that’s a corny saying, but it’s totally accurate for Real Vision.

Real Vision has taught me an incredible amount about finance and investing.

Like anyone, I’ve had my ups and downs in investing. In my younger years, I followed the herd and lost a lot of money. I came to believe that the financial world is “rigged” against small investors. So I quit the stock market in 2003, at the worst possible time.

I watched as my “safe” investments (mostly cash) stopped earning interest thanks to the financial repression of zero interest rates.

But since I’ve become a Real Vision subscriber, I’ve found much more success as an investor.

The caliber of ideas and people that my Real Vision subscription gives me access to… it’s just incredible. The content is top-notch, and there’s a huge variety.

I’m very thankful that Grant, Raoul, and the rest of the team have created such an excellent service. Keep up the great work.

My name is John Mracek. I’m the Managing Director of ESPert Consultancy in Dubai and I’m a huge fan of Real Vision.