Say hello to Kieran

The professional gamer who became
a hedge fund manager.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but its 100% true: Before I stumbled across Real Vision, I was a professional video game player.

Even more extraordinary – I now run a small hedge fund.

But back in 2014, playing video games was my full-time job. Actually, I was ranked second in the world – out of something like 10 million players – at a game called Smite.

I’d become good at gaming by watching videos of other players on You Tube. I literally watched dozens of hours of great players and learnt from what they did right (and wrong) at different points in the game.

When the time came to move on from gaming, my mind turned to investing. I’d already been doing a bit on the side but I felt that if I was going to do it properly, I needed to learn from the very smartest in the business. I figured that I’d got good at gaming by studying the best players – maybe I could do the same in finance.

Except, of course, how do you go about that? How do you learn from the world’s greatest investors? I remember feeling that way right up until the moment I found Real Vision. Then after watching a few interviews, I was like “Holy sh*t. This actually exists.” I knew right away it was exactly what I’d been looking for.

Cue hours of watching these finance legends so I could learn from their successes and their mistakes. (It was just like my gaming days again.) When you’re in that zone, watching Real Vision feels like getting as close as you can get to the world’s smartest investors without actually stalking them!

Fast forward to today and I’m now a hedge fund manager. I opened my fund in February 2017. We’re still small, but we’ve grown enough that I was recently able to hire my brother as a biotech analyst.

I just get so much out of Real Vision. It gives me information that other sources simply don’t. And it has such a great collection of minds. The contributors don’t all agree – and that’s part of the appeal for me. One day you’ll hear from a brilliant dollar bull. The next day you’ll hear from an equally brilliant dollar bear. If I can look at where they’re both thinking – I can bring that into my own way of looking at it and that greatly enhances my approach.

There are some people like Mark Hart and Alex Gurevich who I really like. I’ve watched my favorite interviews over and over again. I even go back a year or two and listen to what people were saying then. And I sort of imagine if I were in their shoes. And I ask myself, like, why’d they see that? Why were they were looking at those things and not these other things that were happening? I’m learning all the time.

So Real Vision has, without a doubt, made me a better investor. And I’ll tell you one other incredibly valuable thing Real Vision has done for me. It’s given me a lot of experience without having to make costly mistakes. Most investors learn “the hard way’, losing lots of money while they figure out what works and what doesn’t. Of course I’ve made mistakes too and that’s part of learning, but Real Vision has helped me absorb a lot of wisdom without making (too many) painful errors.