How bitcoin lowers risk in a diversified portfolio

White Paper: "Asset allocation and risk modelling of bitcoin in an institutional portfolio"

The cryptocurrency community and the institutional space simply don’t speak the same language, which is holding back institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This white paper aims to bridge that gap.

Over 30 pages, Joel Coverdale, formerly of BlackRock, Barra, Qontigo and others, focuses on bitcoin’s characteristics as an investment asset.

This white paper is of critical importance for pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, and asset allocators of all types.

And while it is targeted at those institutional players and their clients, we think it is relevant for all in the crypto community and broader investing community, too.

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  • Learn how bitcoin can fit into an institutional portfolio, following the industry-standard risk models of Qontigo and Barra
  • Discover how a high-risk asset like bitcoin can actually lower the overall risk of a portfolio
  • Better understand how bitcoin fits into the financial ecosystem
  • Take an in-depth look at the statistical characteristics of bitcoin, its volatility and correlations
  • Understand its potential impacts on your portfolio
  • Explore bitcoin’s behaviour and performance in 4 simulated portfolios
  • And more

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