Bubble warnings are everywhere. There is a bubble in bubble warnings – they make good headlines.

But “is everything a bubble?” is the wrong f*cking question to ask. It’s useless to you, wondering what the hell to do in these markets.

At Real Vision, we don’t preach about what textbooks say the market should do when things are bubbly. We deal with what the market actually does.

So what are you going to choose? Academia or real world analysis?

How Do I Make and Protect Money in Speculative Markets?

92% of investors think the market is in or approaching a bubble (according to an E*Trade Jan. study). The boat is dangerously overloaded on one side.

Starting February 8, Real Vision is investigating what’s happening from the other side – because the other side is where opportunity lies.

We’re going on a 2-week journey of discovery to bring you expert answers to the questions…

  • What areas of the market are not in a bubble?
  • What are the best ways to protect my capital?
  • Can I invest in bubbles and make money?
  • Where do I have risk that I shouldn’t have?
  • If I’m new to investing, should I get involved now?
  • What role do digital assets play in my portfolio?
  • Is value investing dead?
  • And so much more.

The Rock Stars of Finance Guiding You Through The Markets...​

Mark Cuban
Entrepeneur & Investor on...

...tech, crypto and private investments.

Howard Marks
Oaktree Co-Founder, on…

...opportunities in a zero-yield world.

Russell Napier
Solid Ground author, on…

...investing during inflationary periods.

Raoul Pal
Global Macro Investor Founder on...

...secular trends and market structure.

Dr. Lacy Hunt
VP Hoisington Investment Management on...

...the so-called bubble in bonds

Lyn Alden
Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy on...

…finding pockets of opportunity in frothy markets

Joel Greenblatt
Gotham Asset Management Co-CIO, on…

...value investing right now.

Mark Yusko
Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO and Founder on...

...the SPAC boom.

Tom Steyer
NextGen America Founder, on…

...clean investing, equities and more.

Felix Zulauf
Zulauf Asset Management President on...

...whether this time is different.

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