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Killer Charts from the Smartest Investors

What the heck are Killer Charts? 

Real Vision Publications is sharing 26 hand-picked charts from the best independent thinkers in investment research. For free.

From macro big picture themes to market signals you only see at the top and investment ideas you’ve not thought of.

Get exposed to diverse insights and a different kind of thinking with this killer chart pack and give yourself an investing edge in these unusual times.


What is Real Vision Publications?

Real Vision Publications delivers highly curated, big thinking and actionable investment research from the world's top financial minds. It's a high end product for the financially sophisticated and intellectually curious. 

With Real Vision Publications You Get:

  • Over 100 research reports covering all aspects of financial markets.
  • Insights from more than 30 independent investment researchers in one place.
  • New in-depth research reports twice a week.
  • A weekly newsletter with most actionable trade ideas. 

Here's what some of our subscribers are saying...

"This publication alone by the 'oracle' goes above and beyond any subscription fee I could ever afford. Thank you RV. Just mesmorized!! Fantastic, brilliant, all the sprinkling on top."

Gurdeep G.

"The publications are phenomenal. This kind of stuff is opening doors for the retail world."

Zuber W. 

"This is BY FAR the best 2017 outlook I've read. I have my "to do" list ready to prepare my portfolio and I have a feeling I will be re-reading this paper often."

Katrina H.