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Explosive new interview uncovers a very different side to these investments. 

Real Vision Television shares everything you didn’t know - and should - about the hidden risks of investing in ETFs, in an explosive three-part interview. 

Watch the entire 3-part series for free with a Real Vision trial.

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What is Real Vision Television?

Real Vision gives you access to watch the world's most famous investors share their winning strategies and investment ideas, so you can grow your portfolio and protect your capital. 

It has been described as "TED Talks for investors."

Watch this short video of co-founders Raoul Pal and Grant Williams describing their mission to disrupt financial media. 

What do you get with Real Vision?

  • The cleverest people in finance all in one place
  • Exclusive trade ideas to trade more profitably
  • Unbiased opinions and insights from the legends of finance
  • New video interviews posted almost every weekday

What do subscribers say about Real Vision?

If you are looking for "get rich quick" trade ideas, this is not the place to be. I would suggest Seeking Alpha, The Motley Fool, or any other bullshit clickbait articles on the web. If you want to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the business (learn how they think, learn how they got started, learn from their mistakes), then Real Vision is a great place to be and well worth the money.

Kolby S., Real Vision Member

Real Vision is absolutely the premier avenue I take when it comes to financial news, commentary and opinion… After subscribing, I was exposed to a new world of finance I didn’t know existed. Great minds I had never heard on CNBC, Fox Business or Bloomberg TV. You have incorporated financial brilliance, thoughtful insight and intelligent discussion on a single platform.

E. Trudell, Real Vision Member

Who is Real Vision for?

Real Vision is for all levels of investors, from students to private investors to seasoned hedge fund managers and CFA's. 

We cover a variety of topics, from gold, cryptocurrency and emerging markets, to macroeconomics, technical analysis and documentary-style big stories on geopolitics and the auto industry. 

What do top investors think about Real Vision?

Real Vision is the best investment you'll make in 2017. 

Mark Yusko, CEO

Morgan Capital Creek Management 

You've got to get Real Vision to find out what the experts really think. 

Bill Fleckenstein, CEO

Fleckenstein Capital

What a privilege to have 48 minutes of this fund manager's time. You'd normally need $100 million invested in his fund to get this. 

Steve Diggle

CIO Vulpes Investment Management