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As far as I’m concerned, the more CFAs
we can get watching Real Vision, the better!

I’ll cut straight to the point… as a business owner and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the value of Real Vision comes down to one key thing for me:

Real Vision is not afraid to analyze and discuss the unsound nature of our financial system and fiat money.

In my world, this is very rare indeed. I greatly value the knowledge I’ve gained from the CFA program. But, in my opinion, the CFA Institute content has a great big hole when it comes to understanding money itself.

Don’t get me wrong… the CFA coursework and continuing education are excellent. But they stop short of analyzing monetary history… of analyzing what money really is. There are a lot of false beliefs out there about money. To me, mastery of this topic is essential to understanding the real risks present in investment portfolios.

Real Vision fills this void, and I would recommend it to other CFAs without question. As far as I’m concerned, the more CFAs we can get watching Real Vision, the better!

In addition, I’m extremely pleased with the caliber contributors and the quality of the questions asked by the interviewers. There’s really no substitute for having interviewers who truly understand the subject matter themselves.

Lastly, as an investment analyst I can’t help but compare price to value. The value of Real Vision is extraordinary, and the price I pay for it is just a tiny fraction of the value I receive.

We live in a crazy financial world. Real Vision helps me sort out and understand the facts so I can better serve my clients. It has greatly helped my investment management business.