Featuring real face-to-face interviews and analysis with the globe’s most successful and well-known investors, Real Vision’s video library now numbers 3,500+ (and counting). These expert interviews feature thorough, thoaughtful and refreshingly blunt discussion on topics such as:

  • The macroeconomic landscape
  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets
  • Investor psychology and behavior
  • Stocks, bonds, commodities and more
  • and virtually every other facet of investing today

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Every person who is interested in Finance should subscribe to RV essential. There is just no better place to learn about finance, macro and crypto.

I haven’t missed to watch a video since subscription.


I’m always hesitant to pay for subscription but this has been worth it.

Vance Xu on Trustpilot

My RV subscription has been the best investment I’ve made in 4 decades. You have introduced me to so many financial greats and provided a wealth of financial information that is keeping my family and me on the right side of the markets.

John M.

There are things we do in life, not really knowing why, that instantly change our lives. Well, Real Vision isn’t one of them. Real Vision is one of those easy choices we make, fully aware of the benefits of it. If you’re not subscribing, you’re purposely wanting less out of life.

Diego on Trustpilot

Real Vision @realvision and Raoul Pal @RaoulGMI continue to bring incredible content to those of us hungry for real knowledge. Keep up the great work Raoul.

Kyle Bass

If you can afford it, subscribe to @realvision. It’s the best finance programming I have come across. It would be insulting to compare it to Bloomberg or CNBC


The folks at @RealVision also have built an awesome company very fast – and one which will withstand the violent tides of crypto. Also, In an ideal world, I’d access my data on RV rather than Bloomberg, which is a horrendously expensive nightmare.


Raoul Pal has absolutely changed my life. 🙏🏻 There is no other service like Real Vision to get insider information on how it ALL works, including new ways of thinking and intros to experts in diverse fields. @RaoulGMI @realvision Worth every cent.


Real Vision has given me confidence in my investment decisions and a great perspective of the bigger/long term picture. The subscription price is minuscule compared to the value it brings to my investments and the yields I’ve made.

Ben M

I was fortunate to do your Real Vision trial and it’s been eye opening. I couldn’t imagine gaining this information and analysis during a time of peril any other way. Your willingness to share this with people, at a cost that anyone can afford, simply shows your character. For that, I wanted to reach out and thank you and share my deepest gratitude.

@Logan B

You guys at @realvision have been crushing it lately with interviews. It’s slightly depressing to see how scary smart the competition is…

But, it’s even more motivating and fascinating.

No joke Real Vision has changed my life.


WTF is Real Vision anyway?

Real Vision is an on-demand finance and education video platform you can watch basically anywhere (mobile, desktop, smart TV). We’re on a mission to democratize access to financial intelligence. And we help you understand the complex world of finance, business and the global economy with real in-depth analysis from real experts.

  • We give you access to the greatest investors and thinkers in the world.
  • World-class investors have the freedom to say what they really think about the issues that really matter.
  • We create unbiased, in-depth analysis and coverage, not 2-minute soundbites.
  • We connect and empower more than 290,000+ people across the globe in one incredible community.

The most important thing? Since we launched in 2014, we’ve known that we don’t succeed if our members fail. So you know we’re not on anyone’s side except yours…

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