Mark Cuban sits down with Real Vision™ to talk tech, the Fed, crypto and more.

Bubble warnings are everywhere. Everyone (err, the media) likes to seem smart, right?

But according to legendary entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban, today’s market action is not the same the dot-com bubble that blew up in 2000, causing carnage.

Cuban, who sold to Yahoo! in 1999 for $5.7 billion, told Real Vision:

“There are two types of bubbles in my mind. There are interest rate Fed bubbles and people-driven buying bubbles. I think for the most part, this is a Fed-driven bubble more than it is anything else…”

He added: “You can’t really compare this to what we saw with the internet bubble. Interest rates back then were 4% or 5%… People had risk-free alternatives. They could just put the money in a savings account and make money.”

Cuban, who also spoke on retail investing, crypto, and a lot more was speaking as part of financial platform Real Vision’s 2-week exploration into the market’s biggest worry today – that we’re in a bubble that will soon burst…

Is Everything a Bubble? Why That’s the Wrong Question to Ask...

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