A Black Friday Offer You'll Profit From All Year

For years, access to premium macroeconomic analysis was restricted to all but the biggest and wealthiest investors.

Not anymore.

Here’s Raoul to tell you more...

With Macro Insiders, Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden help you make better investment decisions and become a sharper, more well-rounded investor. It’s that simple.

The service usually costs new subscribers a tiny fraction of the $40,000 that premium macro services can cost… And for Black Friday, we’re cutting the cost even further.

But at Real Vision, we don’t like how companies scream at people on Black Friday to BUY OUR STUFF. 

So we’re not going to do that. We’re going to… shut up, actually. 

And let happy Macro Insiders subscribers do the talking for us.

"[Macro Insiders] is Like Getting The Cheat Codes For Protecting My Assets…”


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Dig into actionable trade ideas and analysis

Twice a month, you’ll get an In Focus report written by Raoul or Julian, which shares new, actionable trade ideas with you.

The highlights of our institutional research, tailored for you

Once a month, you’ll get Meeting of Minds, a report written by Julian or Raoul, which brings together extracts and highlights from their institutional research (worth $80,000 a year). It’s where they discuss their bigger structural views, and distill them into analysis that is actionable for the individual investor.

A high-octane monthly video discussion between Julian and Raoul

Once a month you’ll get Insider Talks, where Raoul and Julian sit down to discuss the biggest investment opportunities and share their new ideas. It’s real, it’s no-holds-barred, and sometimes it can get a bit heated…

They nailed the dollar rally in 2018.

And the sell off in emerging markets.

And the sell off in FAANGS.

And the auto sector’s weakness.

And the bitcoin sell off.

And the bond market rally.

And the sell off in equities are the end of 2018.

And the gold recovery of 2019.

Since launching Macro Insiders…

But just how is Macro Insiders like “getting cheat codes”?

First, Raoul and Julian have 30 years of investing experience each, so there isn’t much they haven’t seen.

They know that taking the opposite opinion to what you think the market is thinking is where you make the real money.

They also know that sticking your neck out like that is hard. And that to do it effectively, you need to have a deep understanding of what is going on in real time in every corner of the world. Plus an understanding of the knock-on effects…

If it sounds time-consuming, that’s because it is. Macro is an ever-changing puzzle of probabilities, and the work required is a full-time job.

That’s where Raoul and Julian step in with Macro Insiders, to do the full-time job for you so your time is freed up for other stuff…

They thrive on creating simplicity out of complexity, by distilling all the massive amounts of rapidly shifting information down to the one opportunity or the one risk.

Let us show you how…

When the situation calls for instant input

Flash Updates are quick-shot reports from Raoul or Julian. They’re published as needed.

Recent updates have included:

  • An ETF investors can use to play the increasing vulnerability of US banks.

  • Tactical trades for when Trump once more hijacked the agenda.

  • Post-FOMC meeting currency plays and an often overlooked metal trade.

As Investments Go, This is Low Risk - Raoul and Julian Already Have A Proven Track Record

This research is top drawer and has literally changed my life. I am currently up enough to pay off my house through Eurodollars and own bonds all over the world...

Jonathon H.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the different perspective on our changing world you have given a small time investor like me. I feel grounded and more confident that the steps I am taking are likely in line with the coming changes.

Micheal A.

Paul T.

Raoul created access to information that didn't exist outside the hedge funds and banks. Understanding and being aware of economic events going on around us can literally change someone's life.

This type of presentation in precisely why I subscribe: The set-up is presented, the anticipated potential outcomes explained, and when the trigger is pulled, either way, you know why it has been pulled.

Alan S.

There’s been plenty more, too. But we’ll stop talking here and let a subscriber share their story of Macro Insiders wins and why they subscribe…

Through December 4, you can save over $1,000 on Macro Insiders, a premium service where Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden act as your personal macro advisors.

  • Why he believes in macro trends (00.24)
  • Why Macro Insiders is like “getting cheat codes” (00.32)
  • His favorite part of Macro Insiders (1.06)
  • How Raoul and Julian “stick their necks out” in Macro Insiders (1.50)

Blake Hamilton shares his reasons for subscribing to Macro Insiders

(Yeah, we loved Blake’s description so much we made it into a headline.)

How Macro Insiders has helped Kevin, is exactly how Raoul and Julian want to help all individual investors.

We can’t say it much better than Kevin when he says… “Get subscribing, let’s make some money.”

And we want to lower the barrier to entry so that Raoul and Julian can help even more individual investors…


Through December 4, You Can Save More Than $1,000 on Macro Insiders.

Raoul’s Global Macro Investor service costs $40,000 a year, as does Julian’s MI2 service.

So the usual price of $2,999 per year for Macro Insiders is already truly incredible value…

Especially because, as Kevin said: “This is a great opportunity to get access to information that quite simply isn’t available to the retail market…”

But because it’s Black Friday, you can take a 35% discount on a year’s subscription and join for just $1,950… or $5 a day.

After all, Raoul and Julian created Macro Insiders to make macro research more affordable for individual investors. To remove the tight grip hedge funds and other institutional investors have on it.

$35 per week versus $40,000 per year certainly does that.

And if you aren’t already subscribed to Real Vision, we will add this to your Macro Insiders package for just $50, versus the $180 it costs normally.

Raoul and Julian are looking forward to welcoming you on board Macro Insiders… and joining fellow happy subscribers like Blake, Kevin and these members:

Now, as we said at the top of this page, we don’t like how companies scream at people on Black Friday to BUY OUR STUFF, or how they use tactics to trigger people’s FOMO.

So we’re not going to shout about just how amazing an offer this is.

Put simply – if you think it’s an amazing offer, please click the link below to join and choose your pricing options. Please make sure you do so before midnight on December 4as this offer expires then for good.

If not – thank you for reading. Your time is appreciated.

Save 35% on a Macro Insiders Membership Now

Subscribe Now

These are action-focused, in-depth written research reports. Recent reports (which you get instant access to when you join) include:

Meeting of Minds is a true macro monster. Recent topics discussed include:

Usually between 20-40 minutes long, recent Insider Talks topics have included:

Without the access to the information in Macro Insiders, I wouldn’t have had these absolute returns...

  • The Automobile Sector: Raoul’s 25-page warning of the widespread consequences of a slowdown in the auto sector

  • Being Tested: A 20-pager from Raoul in which he lays out the challenges to his current hypothesis

  • Doom Unvanquished: Julian’s 20-page report where he shows what currencies, bonds and commodities are telling us about the here and now, and explains why he has “moved much closer to the edge of my seat…”

  • Plenty More... When you join Macro Insiders, you get full access to all past In Focus reports.
  • Why NIRP is the new normal… and how that’s pushing us toward a cashless society.

  • Raoul’s 74-page play-by-play on how the Doom Loop will play out.

  • The market implications for the increasing headwinds facing corporate America.

  • And more…
  • Where the greatest opportunities lie as global rates fall ever further.

  • The dislocations flaring up in financial markets worldwide.

  • What trades are likely to work against a softening global economic backdrop.

  • How to survive violent market swings.

  • And more… Over 30 episodes are ready and waiting for you.

The Macro Insiders portfolio is made up of trade recommendations proposed by Julian and Raoul in their In Focus pieces. On the last business day of each month, they update the performance – making it easier for you to track the success (or otherwise) of their trades.

There are currently 15 open positions and a further 16 closed positions from 2019, so there’s plenty of ideas for you to choose from.