Be A Better Investor In 4 Steps

How do you become a better investor? You learn from the people with decades of experience and skin in the game…

Raoul Pal, CEO and Co-Founder of Real Vision and Global Macro Investor recently recorded a Real Vision Pro session on his entire framework and process: everything from idea generation to portfolio construction to time horizons.

We’ve broken this out into 4 FREE, manageable lessons. Each lesson is less than 10 minutes long and has a wealth of actionable info for investors of all levels.

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Lesson 1: Idea Generation & Why Frameworks Matter

Raoul Pal explains how he generates his investing ideas, the ingredients used to build a narrative, why trading single events isn’t for him, why you need to write down your big picture views today, and more.

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Lesson 2: Figuring Out Your Time Horizons

Time horizons are a tricky thing to cover, as no “one size fits all.” Raoul explains how to think about tie horizons so you can establish yours, shares the 3 things that help you quantify future expected returns, and reveals some of his most successful big picture bets.

Lesson 3: The Biggest Question of All

You’ve generated an idea and established your time horizon, so… what’s next? Well, should you trade? Not always – Raoul explains why.

Lesson 4: Constructing a Portfolio & Sizing Positions

How the hell do you size your positions? How do you use stop-losses? How do you know that an idea has turned out wrong and you should get out? Learn how to avoid making a mess of your portfolio, and get help with the thornier issues.

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