Say hello to Neil

The professional investor who actively
wants his thinking to be challenged.

Over the years, I’ve spent a ton of money traveling around the world looking for investment ideas.

Real Vision now delivers those ideas straight to my home.

I own a three three-man, boutique investment firm and between the three of us, we tend to agree on many things. But the tendency to agree with yourself is not a good thing in investing. So one of the main reasons we’ve done well, I think, is that I often travel to meet people who disagree with our thoughts

Real Vision gives us a lot of experts who agree with us plus a lot of experts who disagree with us. And both sides give well-reasoned arguments for why they think what they think.

Really, that’s one of Real Vision’s most valuable strengths. The in-depth interviews provide context on the whole thought process that’s involved in an idea. It goes beyond the trade ideas and really gets inside the brains of the experts. They explain why they think what they think.

So today, instead of spending this money traveling all over the place, I can log on to Real Vision and get well-informed, divergent ideas in real time.

Look, I’m very picky in choosing sources of investing information. I don’t trust the traditional financial media like CNBC. I hardly ever read mainstream financial news, and even when I do, it never gives me a new idea. I subscribe to outside, independent research and Real Vision gives me access to dozens of these experts, with fresh perspectives from new experts each week. Its invaluable to me.

It’s funny, I still go to a lot of investment conferences. They’re great and they’re full of lots of really smart people. But it’s typically always the same people with the same ideas. Real Vision has a completely unique set of experts. Each week it seems to feature a new expert I’ve never met, with ideas I’ve never heard before.

On top of that, the price of Real Vision is extremely reasonable. In fact, the cost for an entire year is less than what I spend attending an investment conference for one day.