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Did you know the wealth gap in the U.S right now is nearly as bad as it was right before the Great Depression? The three richest men in the world have a combined net worth of almost $250 billion—that’s more than the total net worth of the bottom half of all Americans! 

Unfortunately, the wealth gap is still growing. Wealthy Baby Boomers are getting wealthier while Millennials and Gen Z’ers are facing heavy student loans and an uncertain economy.

Why? A key problem is that wealthy Baby Boomers enjoy access to investment insight that is simply not available to Students. We can solve that. 

Real Vision gives you access to legends in finance, business, economics, tech and geo-politics. Some names, like Mark Cuban, you’ve heard of but many others (like Stan Druckenmiller who has one of the highest investment returns of all time) you’ve probably never heard of because it wasn’t possible to gain access to them, until now.  

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