Say hello to Oliver

The professional real estate investor
who went from confused to confident.

My subscription to Real Vision has brought tremendous benefits to me and my clients.

I’m a professional real estate investor for one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms, based in Vancouver.

Vancouver real estate prices, as you’ve probably heard, have risen to insane levels. It meant I kept running into this problem: My clients would sell a property and they’d want to know what to do with the substantial profits. They’d usually be eager to plow them back in to real estate, but with prices at ridiculously high levels, I would tell them they should do something else with their money. So they’d say, “OK, what should I buy”?

And I never really knew what to say, until I came across Real Vision.

The first Real Vision video I watched… I was just stunned by the honesty. I forget who it was, but the expert was talking about his trading mistakes. That’s something you just never hear in the investment industry. Most so called “gurus” hide their mistakes and brag about their winners. But here was a world-class trader sharing his failures. It was really something.

Since becoming a subscriber, I’ve learned so much about so many different areas of investing. The newfound knowledge has given me the confidence to share investment ideas with my clients and colleagues.

Above all else, Real Vision gives me access to great investors. Raoul and Grant have forged genuine relationships with these ultra-successful investors… these titans of the investment world… many of whom rarely appear on camera and don’t write books. Without Real Vision, I’d never have the slightest chance of hearing their thoughts.

Jim Rogers is my all-time favorite Real Vision interview. Not only because he’s achieved one of the most investing track records in history. He’s also a great storyteller. I just love his interviews.

Jeff Gundlach is great too. Very interesting guy. And very, very smart.

I also appreciate that, as a Real Vision subscriber, no one’s trying to sell me stuff. A lot of investment gurus go on TV or speak at conferences to sell their research service. That doesn’t happen on Real Vision. There are no advertisers, no sponsors, and therefore no bias.

I’m very happy with my decision to become a Real Vision subscriber. It’s been a great experience.