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It’s fair to say Real Vision
has literally changed my life.

It’s fair to say Real Vision has literally changed my life.

I’m a student at London Business School. I initially subscribed to Real Vision in order to complement my “traditional” academic finance classes. Little did I know it would open doors for my career…

A few months into my subscription, I came across an interview with legendary hedge fund manager Lee Robinson. He was so impressive, I knew immediately I wanted to work for him.

Long story short, I applied to his firm and was accepted onto Robinson’s team as a pre-MBA Summer Analyst. It was a tremendous experience that I never would’ve gotten were it not for Real Vision.

Later that year, Real Vision’s Hard Asset series sparked my interest in gold and led to me applying for an MBA Summer Associate position at a multi-billion dollar natural resources hedge fund. Watching Real Vision’s gold content gave me a crucial edge over my peers in the recruiting process. I got the job, and that’s where I’m working this summer.

I could go on and on. Real Vision’s content on monetary policy and interest rates helped me write my application essays for Colombia Business School, where I’ll be taking ex-Fed Governor Mishkin’s class next semester.

Aside from how Real Vision has helped me academically, I really enjoy the mind-expanding content. Although I’m a fundamental investor at heart, I loved the Technical Analysis series with legendary chartist Peter Brandt. It was so insightful and fascinating, and charting principals are not taught at all in business schools.

All in all, Real Vision has had a hugely positive impact on my life.