Can Banks Survive in a World of Regulation and Tech Disruption?

In this third installment of Real Visionaries, Jim Bianco sits down with Mark Rubinstein, analyst, and author of Net Interest, a weekly newsletter of insight and analysis from the world of finance, to break down the reason for the bank’s poor performance over the last several decades. Prior to the financial crisis, banks compensated for low-interest rates by increasing their leverage. After the crisis, stricter regulations and consumer protection measures have shut off various avenues that banks previously might have been able to pursue, such as fees, rendering them unprofitable. Will banks survive the next few decades, and how would they look? In this interview, Rubinstein gives us a tour of the banking and financial system and explains how regulation and technological disruption pose serious risks for banks. He also argues that banks are being forced to address the threat of cryptocurrencies. Recorded on October 18, 2021.

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