Paradigm Shift: Investment Ideas for a World in Flux

Actionable Insights for Your Portfolio from Chamath Palihapitiya... William White... Jim Grant… Hugh Hendry… Jim Chanos... And many more.

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Currencies. Gold. Bitcoin. Equities. Real Estate. VC.

Where exactly do you invest in a in a pandemic global economy?

That’s the question we’re asking a killer line-up of guests in Paradigm Shift: Investment Ideas for a World in Flux.

It’s kicked off already, and we’re bringing our members the the critical analysis necessary to make smart investing decisions in a volatile environment.

Because great opportunities come out from great uncertainty… if you’re ready for them. 

What is Real Vision?

The analysis on demand platform where we will help you understand the complex world of finance, business and global the economy.

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And to make your decision easier, we’re lowering the barrier to entry even more.

But before we get to that…

Who will be helping you protect your existing assets, find new investing opportunities, and optimize your portfolio allocations?

Meet your expert guides…

Jeremy Grantham
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Strategist
Boaz Weinstein
Hedge Fund Manager
Saba Capital
Kyle Bass
Founder & CIO
Hayman Capital Management, LP
Bernd Ondruch
Founder & CIO
Astellon Capital Partners
Jim Chanos
Kynikos Associates L.P.
Hugh Hendry

Jim Grant
Grants Interest Rate Observer
Raoul Pal
Co-Founder & CEO
Real Vision
Chamath Palihapitiya
Founder & CEO
Social Capital L.P.

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