Say hello to Paul

The investment professional who used
Real Vision to save his clients $700k in one week.

I own a fast-growing company managing about $100 million in Switzerland, the UK, Latvia, and Monaco. Our expertise is in fixed income and commodities and we trade precious metals on behalf of our clients.

I insist that every member of my team watches Real Vision.

Something that has paid us back time and time again because one time, the information we learned from a Real Vision interview prompted us to make a move that saved our clients $700,000 in one week.

But it isn’t just about saving money. Real Vision has benefitted our business tremendously because by hearing what different people think, we can generate new trade ideas and refine our macro views. We often look for macro asymmetries in order to maximize our profits and Real Vision has become a go-to resource for us.

A novice trader could get an amazing education from Real Vision, but there’s also plenty of sophisticated content for market pros. Indeed, Real Vision has been a revelation for me personally.

I think it’s because Real Vision is clearly one of the better and more reliable financial resources out there. The service is very simple to use. There is a great range of content and expertise. The format is great, and the network is extremely reasonably priced.