Ground Floor Consensus GFC010: Raoul Pal - Cryptocurrency and the Macro Framework

Episode Summary

Feb 16 2021 . 76 MIN

GFC010: Raoul Pal - Cryptocurrency and the Macro Framework

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal joins this episode to unpack his macro framework of cryptocurrency and explore the lessons he has learned watching markets for decades. He and host Ash Bennington talk about Pal’s journey into macro, how he sees markets, why macro investors are all betting big on crypto, the forces driving the crypto space, and how investors can think like a macro fund manager when analyzing opportunities in crypto and beyond.

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Show Notes

In this episode:

1. Pal reflects on his journey into macro, from his upbringing as a traveler who sees the world in global terms naturally to the many experiences he has had, particularly during various financial crises and how it all informs his framework.

2. He also talks about why digital assets are so compelling to macro guys investors and why they’re all betting big on crypto.

3. Pal shares why Bitcoin is his vehicle of choice and his view that it is the world’s most pristine reserve asset, as well as why he’s enamored with the overall space, where it’s going, and the opportunity it presents for everyone.

4.He also discusses exponential growth, network effects, and human behavior, and how investors should look to understand long term trends and knock-on effects to think like a macro fund manager.

5.Finally, Pal says that crypto reflects a change in the dynamic of traditional finance; people are taking control of their own finances and understanding this new future.


You can reach out to Ash Bennington on Twitter :

You can reach out to Raoul Pal on Twitter :


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