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“Adding a Real Vision widget to our site created an immediate lift in time on site and pages turned by our readers.”

“Adding Real Vision to my site took a matter of minutes and it had a direct impact on a my page views and time on site within the first week.”

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What is the Real Vision Portal?

The Real Vision Portal removes the expensive, risky and time-consuming process of creating original video content to provide a seamless solution that will increase engagement, create incremental revenue, and reveal new insights about your readers and what they want.


Real Vision’s award-winning programming keeps your site fresh with daily updates of some of the most engaging finance and content in the world.

Affiliate Revenue

Real Vision partners qualify to earn affiliate revenue and participate in branded and sponsorship opportunities. The Real Vision Portal is a new source of inventory that can be monetized with premium CPMs turning video from a cost center to a profit center.

Analytics & Insights

Access a new level of insights into your readers’ viewing behavior. Turn viewing habits into actionable insights that inform your editorial and advertising roadmap and open up new, targeted opportunities.

Real Vision Premium Programming

Real Vision content complements any finance and business experience on the web. We integrate into your site providing a seamless experience for your readers.

Seamless Integration

Integrate our suite of widgets into your site’s look and feel with no disruption to your existing users.

Fresh Content Daily

Our new videos are fed to your site every day giving your readers fresh programming that keeps them on site longer and turning more pages.

Analytics & Insights

We deliver a suite of analytics that reveals site trends and user insights about your audience. Leverage this information to guide your existing editorial, marketing and advertising efforts. We help you work smarter.

A New Layer of Data To Empower Your Business

Inject viewing habits into your users’ reading habits to develop a comprehensive view of your community’s behavior, tastes and spending.
  • Trends

See site trends regarding the specific videos your community watches and the subject matter they care about most.

  • User Insights

Identify power users and segment your community into new affinity groups to fine-tune your marketing and monetization efforts.

  • Revenue

Track affiliate and sponsorship performance and evaluate conversion to optimize your efforts in growing new and existing revenue streams.

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