Widget Gallery

Integrate our suite of widgets into your site’s look and feel with no disruption to your existing users. Explore our hand-picked layouts below.

Featured Player with Video Grid

Attract users with a custom, featured player at the top and a gallery of related content.

Vertical Grid Layout

Create equal hierarchy across content using our vertical sidebar layout. All videos play in line with the option for users to go fullscreen.

Featured Player with Horizontal Slider

Our horizontal slider is a perfect complement to other content if you’re not quite ready for a dedicated video page.

Horizontal Slider Layout

Select our horizontal slider layout for our most condensed, versatile widget style. Perfect for layering video between editorial sections across your site.

Which widget is right for you?

We have developed a suite of widgets that are easy to use, mobile-friendly, and fit with any style.


Coming soon...

Picture-In-Picture Layout

Empower your users to watch video content while browsing your site and consuming editorial content. Embrace the era of multi-tasking.


Analytics Dashboard

A suite of analytics that reveals site trends and user insights about your audience. Leverage this information to guide your existing editorial, marketing and advertising efforts. We help you work smarter.

Stay tuned while we work on more custom layouts and solutions that will give you full control over your widgets and complete insight into performance. We can’t wait to show you what we have brewing in the Real Vision labs!


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