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“When we started this journey together in December 2021, we truly couldn’t fathom how large, diverse, and talented this community would be. Now, after months of gathering your feedback on Pro Crypto, it’s time for change…”

— Raoul Pal, Co-Founder & CEO, Real Vision

Transformation Incoming…

Throughout the fall, we’ve been unveiling a ton of improvements and new additions to your Pro Crypto membership. The Real Vision Pro Crypto team have spent months listening to your feedback… chatting with you in Discord, Zoom, and IRL… and figuring out how Pro Crypto can best address your needs.

All the announcements and updates are posted on this page (as well as sharing by email and in Discord), so you don’t have to go searching for WTF is happening.

Pro Crypto members are getting more macro and more Raoul...

Featuring: Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden

As the crypto market became increasingly influenced by macro forces, Raoul recognized the need for all of you to have access to the best macro intelligence around. Starting today (October 14), you’ll have access to every episode of Macro Insider Talks that airs on Real Vision.

Macro Insider Talks is Pro Macro’s flagship show featuring Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden. The show is filled with questions from the community, though-provoking discussions and actionable insights.

Important note… Pro Crypto members will have access to the show, but only Pro All Access and Pro Macro members will have the ability to drive the conversation by submitting questions for Raoul and Julian.


The Next Wave of NFT Utility

Featuring: Moritz Seibert and Moritz Heiden

Valuable and innovative utility has always been the primary focus of the Pro Crypto NFT project.

To take the project and its floor to the next level, we’ve had our best and brightest working on further building out the NFT’s utility.

To lay out a vision for the future of the Pro Crypto NFT, Moritz Heiden and Moritz Seibert, co-heads of Digital Innovation at Real Vision, filmed an enlightening conversation where they touch on the overall strategy for the NFT’s utility and share a few bold ideas.

Beta-test the New Community-Powered Portfolio

We have launched a beta-test of the Pro Crypto Portfolio, a crypto investment portfolio powered by the Pro Crypto NFT community and developed by the Real Vision Web3 team.

It works by surveying the community on a weekly basis and aggregating the results to create a basket of digital assets — truly harnessing the power and distributed brilliance of the hive mind.

The beta-test version is initially only available for NFT holders. In time, we’ll build a similar portfolio just for Pro Crypto subscribers that will run concurrently.

For all the details on how to vote, how it works and what to expect, right this way…

Note: The portfolio site uses your NFT to log in, so you’ll need to use a device that has access to the MetaMask wallet.

Building out Pro Crypto: Where are we now?

Featuring: Rabih Khoury and Ash Bennington

Since our launch, we have gotten to know your Discord usernames, met up with members, and got to know the person behind the profile picture.

This summer, Real Vision’s VP of Consumer Insights (and Pro Crypto OG) Rabih Khoury threw open his calendar to Pro Crypto members.

After more than 100 hours spent chatting with members 1-1, he shared his many takeaways and what’s next to come for the Pro Crypto product and community. Strap in…!

Pro Crypto Updates Road Map


There’s a lot to love about Pro Crypto. There’s also a lot which is missing, could be made better, or just isn’t serving the community.

Pro Crypto began with an idea. And now that we have thousands of members, it’s time to make updates based on your ideas and what you need.

There’s no set frequency, because we will roll out each update as soon as it’s ready for the community.

We’ll keep you updated by email and in Discord – and of course, this is the reason we created this page, so you can see all of the updates in one place.

It’s never too late…! The updates we are rolling out in the coming days and weeks are based on Rabih’s discussions with the community, your surveys, your chats in Discord, and the market environment and fast-evolving crypto community needs.

That won’t ever be “complete.” So we will always need both your feedback on the changes we’re implementing, and your guidance on how else Pro Crypto can best serve you. After all, that’s why we’re here…

Drop us an email at crypto@realvision.com or in the Feedback channel in Discord any time.


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