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The millennial investor who finally found
what was missing when it came to his investments.

I’m an older millennial, and my parents are baby-boomers. When it comes to investing, I’ve always felt something was “off” with most financial research.

I always suspected there was more behind the market movements of the last 30-40 years than the financial media was telling me. But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

When I subscribed to Real Vision, I immediately knew my nagging feelings were correct.

One of the first films I watched was Raoul’s presentation about generational dynamics and the business cycle. It helped me tremendously. I was finally able to fill in my gaps in understanding… to pull together pieces that had been bothering me for years.

I have been devouring Real Vision content since the moment I became a subscriber. I finally – after years of struggling – have a true framework around which to build my investments. Real Vision has taught me how to allocate capital to assets and markets that have the greatest probability of success.

There’s so much free investment content on the internet. But you get what you pay for. Most services just hype up their own “genius” ideas without real analysis.

I’ve also tried dozens of high-quality, paid research products. As someone who’s spent years looking, I can tell you the educational value that Grant, Raoul, and the Real Vision team provides is unparalleled. There’s nothing better.

There’s a saying in poker that’s a cliché, but it’s true: “If you don’t know who the fish is at the table, then it’s you.” I always felt like the fish was me. But now, with the help of Real Vision, I’m armed with information helps me spot the fish at the table.

I truly want to say thank you. Real Vision has opened my mind to new ideas, opportunities and perhaps most importantly, shown me how much there is to learn.

The level of thought and analysis that Real Vision provides is a tremendous value for individual investors like me.