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Product FAQs

What is Real Vision Publications?

Real Vision Publications is the world's leading financial publications and research platform, featuring a curated selection of research from across the investment industry. Think of us as a "Wine of the Month Club" for finance. RVP is unbiased and we do not endorse the research ideas, only the contributor's processes.

Real Vision Publications allows our subscribers to sample research and learn about our elite market thinkers. Armed with that knowledge subscribers can decide which contributors add most value to their own investment process and research before they subscribe to the contributors themselves.

How is Real Vision Publications different from other research offerings?

RVP gives subscribers access to an exclusive list of independent financial thinkers. Subscribers will be exposed to work from more than 30 different writers over a 1-year period covering everything from equities to global macro. Contributor's clients range from retail investors to large hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and private family offices.

RVP covers all asset classes, investment horizons, and market perspectives throughout the 100+ pieces per year published two times per week.

RVP is an immersive digital experience built for users. The platform allows subscribers to digest research in one platform, access the back library, bookmark and take notes, view contributor background videos, and print and download research reports.

Who is on the platform?

Real Vision Publications hosts more than 30 different contributors per year. Contributors come from all corners of finance, cover all asset classes, and are spread across the globe. Research featured on the platform is invite only and RVP does not accept payment for featuring articles, to ensure the independence of the product. The authors are not exclusive to RVP and only about 10% of their publications are available on the platform.

Julian Brigden Paul Krake Nautilus Investment Research Crossborder Capital
Daniel Tabbush Peter Brandt Stephanie Pomboy Jesse Felder
Michael Lewitt Ecstrat Grant Williams Waverly Advisors
Juliette Declercq Greg Weldon Dave Floyd Maleeha Bengali
Raoul Pal Pippa Malmgren Variant Perception Asianomics
Stephen Jen Michael Lebowitz Sentimentrader
How much research is published on the site?

Real Vision Publications provides subscribers with over 100 research pieces per year written by over 30 contributors. We publish 2 pieces per week (Tuesday and Thursday) but do not announce who the contributor of the research is until the week before publication. RVP does not publish excerpts or "samples" - we publish the most recent, full report from each contributor.

How up to date is the research?

Most research is published within a few days of its writing.

Can I download and print the research?

Yes, the reports are fully downloadable and printable for your convenience. Each report is watermarked with your username and is traceable back to you. We ask that these reports are not shared as this devalues your own subscription.

How much research from each contributor do we receive?

Contributors, for the most part, publish about 10% of their research portfolio on RVP. For example:

  • If a contributor publishes monthly, RVP will publish 1 to 2 full pieces per year.
  • If a contributor publishes weekly, RVP will publish 4 to 6 full pieces per year.
How often do the contributors change?

Our goal is to keep the lineup of contributors as fresh as possible and we are constantly surveying subscribers to determine the most popular content. We are always searching for the most talented, independent thinkers in the world. Research from 30+ contributors will be published per year.

How can I learn more about each contributor's background and process?

Most contributors have made an introduction video about their background and investing process. They have also answered 5 investing questions on video to allow subscribers to get to know them better as researchers and investors.

Can I subscribe to the contributor's research?

Subscribers may request a subscription through the contributor's profile on RVP or subscribe directly through each contributor's website. Contact information for each contributor is located on the contributor's profile page.

How are contributors chosen to be on the platform?

RVP's management, with over 70 years of combined experience consuming and writing financial research, has hand-selected all of the contributors for their insight, honesty, and independence. The selection process is invitation only and each contributor is highly vetted before appearing on the platform. They are chosen based on the quality of their process and research. We do not endorse the contributors' ideas, just their process and track record.

What topics do the contributors cover?

RVP covers every assets class in financial markets including: global macro, equities, foreign exchange, technical analysis, commodities, credit, fixed income, emerging markets, and others. Each contributor brings a different take on financial markets. Some contributors are very niche; others can cover nearly every asset class in a single piece of research.

Which contributors are publishing this month?

We curate content based on what is the most current and relevant to our subscribers. Each contributor has committed to supply a number of research pieces per year. Given that some contributors are very exclusive they will only allow us to publish 1 or 2 pieces per year. We do not disclose when any contributor schedule until 1 week before that publication goes live on the site.

Will I receive the full research report?

Yes, RVP publishes the most recent full report from the contributor. We do not publish samples or excerpts; we provide the entire piece of research from our contributors.

Can I read RVP on my phone?

RVP's platform is designed to work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.

How much is a subscription to RVP?

RVP cost $299 dollars per year which allows subscribers to access current content as well as the full back library of content.

Can I cancel my subscription?

RVP offers a full money back guarantee during the first 30 days of your subscription. If you do not wish to continue your subscription you can email and request a refund. Refunds will only be given during the first 30 days of a subscription.