Get Prepared with the Real Vision Special… Recession Watch

Is a recession coming? BIG names answer the market’s biggest question.

Raoul here.

Starting July 15, I’m taking you on a two-week journey of discovery into the fragile global economy.

I want to figure this whole mess out by getting the smartest people I know on board, including Kiril Sokoloff, Josh Wolfe, John Burbank, Alex Gurevich, Lakshman Achuthan, Christophe Ollari, Greg Weldon, Russell Clark…and many more.

These are big names with big ideas. Among the things I’m hoping to find out (for both you and myself) in this two-week journey…

    • I’m fairly firmly in the recession camp, but who isn’t, and why?
    • What do economists and traders think will be the spark to blow this whole thing up?
    • How are the smart guys investing in these confusing, complex and increasingly risky times?
    • As an investor, how can you prepare for recession right now?
    • Where will the opportunities lie for investors when it all blows up?

This is the biggest event in the history of Real Vision.

And you know… I’ll be happy if I’m proven wrong about what I see coming down the line. If I walk away from this journey thinking “actually, we’re okay for now…” then, great!

Either way, I’ll be doing a no-holds-barred post-mortem of The Recession Watch, to share my takeaways with you. That’s included in your membership, by the way…

The Return of the R-Word

As you may know, Real Vision was born out of the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. My institutional clients made a lot of money out of it, because we knew what was coming… as did many others in the industry.

But many individual investors didn’t know. They were destroyed. That moral injustice sparked Real Vision to life.

Investors still have PTSD from the Great Financial Crisis. Well, here we go again… (maybe).

This is not a drill.

I’m seeing a hell of lot of warning signs stacking up that all point to a deteriorating global situation. Here’s a short list:

  • The Fed tightened too much and the system snapped… now they’re going to cut, but it won’t be enough
  • Tariffs tightened fiscal policy just as monetary policy was running too tight…
  • The last round of trade wars heightened the probability of recession even more…
  • Commodities, oil, transport companies, auto manufacturers… all in big trouble
  • The US consumer is totally tapped out
  • The EU is in a fight for survival…

And that’s just for starters. What I’m investigating is literally unlike anything I’ve seen in my working lifetime.

So yes, I’m worried that we are headed for recession. I’m so worried that I want to talk to as many of the smartest minds in finance as possible about it.

So worried that I’m practically taking over the Real Vision platform for two weeks just to get the answers.

Speaking of Membership, How Does $1 for 3 Months Sound?

That’s an outrageously inexpensive offer, but democratizing access to financial information is… well, it’s the whole damn point of Real Vision.

And that’s more important than ever now that it looks like we could be in for another rough time.

Of course, you get much more than access to The Recession Watch when you join the revolution. As part of Real Vision…

  • You’ll get full, watch-anywhere access to our video channel: 10-12 new videos per week, and full access to our library of over 1,000 videos…
  • We’ll help you “decode the mysteries of today’s markets,” as The New York Times put it…
  • You’ll get unprecedented access to legends of finance like Kyle Bass, Stanley F. Druckenmiller, Jim Grant, Mark Cuban, and so many more…

I’d be honored if you joined me on my Recession Watch journey of discovery… and on our Real Vision journey of revolution.



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