Say hello to Sam

The part-time investor who finally learnt
what the hell was going on in the markets.

I watch Real Vision almost every night with my wife. We watch the newest video while we eat dinner.

I’m not in the financial business. I’m a User Interface designer at a technology company. But I am an investor. And Real Vision has helped me understand money and finance in a way that nothing else comes close to.

Like most people, I knew nothing about investing when I bought my first stock. I bought Apple, Steve Jobs died a week later, and the stock tanked. Whoops. But I didn’t sell.

I bought Facebook a little later. It famously tanked on its IPO, but I didn’t sell that either. Well, both Apple and Facebook recovered and surged to huge new highs. I multiplied my money on both. I felt like a genius! But deep down, I knew I was just lucky. I had no clue why these stocks were moving the way they did.

Also at that time, I worked for a start-up technology company. We were losing money. But for some reason, another company wanted to buy us. I didn’t understand that at all.

So really, I was trying to understand these things that made no sense to me. These wild swings in the stock market… why someone would buy my company that was hemorrhaging cash. These things that shouldn’t happen, but actually do happen in the real world.

That’s when I came across Real Vision. Some of the early videos I watched were just total eye-openers. They really just blew my mind. You know that feeling where you’re confused by something for years, and then finally, you get it, and it just “clicks?” That’s what Real Vision has done for me.

My wife works in retail, which of course has blown up spectacularly thanks to Amazon. From watching Real Vision, we knew when to expect a downturn in her business. I remember warning her more than a year ago that her company was probably going to enter a tough period. And that’s exactly what’s happened.

My favorite Real Vision video of all-time is probably with Chris Cole of Artemis. He did a whole thing about volatility. He really explained how it works, which is not at all intuitive. It was amazing.

The content on Real Vision is unprecedented. It features bona-fide investment legends who share their deepest wisdom and knowledge. I mean, nobody does that. Not in finance or anywhere else. In other industries, it’s all about ego and prestige. And the last thing successful people want to do is share their knowledge with you.

But Real Vision has found this group of true experts who are willing to share the most valuable lessons they’ve learned. That, in my opinion, is what makes it special.