"Crypto isn’t magic internet beans, it’s a macro asset that moves in relatively predictable ways."

— Raoul Pal

Decode the next decade of a crypto revolution

In the world of Blockchain, knowledge isn’t just power — it’s profit. And we’re making it easier with complimentary access to digital asset insights so you can supercharge your investment portfolio for the future.

Filter out the noise so you don't blow yourself up

In the fast-paced world of crypto, staying informed isn’t optional — it’s essential. 

And right now, knowledge is crucial in this exploding market. From the maturation of the market, institutional adoption, and evolving regulation to the recent Bitcoin ‘halving’ event — this year is a thrilling one for digital assets.

But there’s still a lot of shifty players out there, so it’s important to know who to trust.

That’s where Real Vision can help. We filter out the noise and share insights of trusted experts with skin in the game, so you have a safe space to learn and benefit from the opportunities, without blowing yourself up.

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A Roadmap to 100 Million Daily Crypto Users (usually kept behind our paywall), from Jamie Coutts, Real Vision’s chief crypto analyst.

In this report, described by Scott L., a Real Vision member, as “exceptional analysis and presentation of Jamie’s thinking, Jamie digs into his thesis on:

  • The Fundamentals: A deep-dive into the blockchain assets that are paving the way for a digital revolution.
  • Performance Scorecard: Ever wondered how crypto stacks up against the old guard of investments?  Wonder no more.
  • Future Projections: Jamie shares his predictions on asset values and how it could spell an exciting future for crypto.

Priceless insights from Jamie, free for you

Who is Jamie Coutts?

Not only is Jamie the chief crypto analyst at Real Vision, he also built the crypto research product at Bloomberg Intelligence.

A pioneer in crypto financial analysis, Jamie transitioned from traditional markets to digital assets, creating research insights for institutions assessing blockchains and digital assets as part of their strategic investment allocations.

Jamie has a passion for amplifying solutions that promote greater personal financial freedom and decentralization.

Oh, and he’s an Aussie — but don’t think he can introduce you to Margot Robbie or Chris Hemsworth… we’ve already asked.

“If my predictions are even partially accurate, we could be looking at an exhilarating decade ahead.” — Jamie Coutts.

Don’t just watch from the sidelines as the world of crypto evolves. Be a part of the journey to 100 million daily users.

“Brilliant work is an understatement! Thanks Jamie, love studying your deep dives!”

— Nicolaie A.

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