Episode One

Published on
October 13th, 2017
52 minutes

Episode One

A World On The Brink ·
Featuring Dee Smith

Published on: October 13th, 2017 • Duration: 52 minutes

A World on The Brink, begins with Episode One, where host Dee Smith examines the complex world we live in and looks at how we got to where we are today. In trying to gain an understanding, we delve back through history to the 300-year-old Westphalian Order and then move forward to the liberal international system and the rules based order. Together we explore how the many complex systems, agreements and structures from across centuries govern how our modern-day world functions and how in 2017 these systems are coming under increasing pressure. https://www.realvision.com/world-brink-disclaimer/


  • CD
    Christopher D.
    3 December 2020 @ 14:06
    The Westphalian principle of non intervention in sovereign matters remained applicable even after WWII. KOSOVO: Which is why it was a rather novel approach for the US to intervene in Kosovo in the 1990's, under the principle of "New Humanism". This interventionism couldn't work under UN principles, hence NATO was sent to Yugoslavia. When Slobodan Milosevic faced the ICC in The Hague, he said that the court was illegitimate and had no jurisdiction over what he did in his country. Soon after he was found dead in his cell, which was concluded to be a suicide. The New Humanism narrative was supported in daily meetings at NATO in Brussels by Jamie Shea, NATO's spokesperson. Lots of information was fabricated, and some only to be denied a few weeks later. Not unlike the fabrications of Timisoara during the fall of Ceaucescu in Romania. We can only assume that the end justified the means of war propaganda. A bit of a double standard while another genocide was going on in Rwanda but the New Humanism wasn't applied there. Perhaps something else than human dignity was at stake in Kosovo. IRAQ: We got another round of fake news with the WMDs and the war in Iraq. Chirac then French president asked for proofs. Bush 43 said you're either with us or against us, no need for proof. Poland went along, being one of the closest countries to the US within Europe. They're closest to Russia and Europe has no other means of defence than US-sponsored NATO, so I guess this makes sense. Well, no proof of WMDs were ever produced yet papers as presumably serious as The Economist were advancing WMDs as a major reason supporting the Iraq attacks. Tony Blair in 2016, quite a while after the end of the war and when the world moved on: "I express more sorrow, regret and apology that you may ever know or can believe". Not very helpful. In 2011, Colin Powell said on Al Jazeera he regretted having been the face of false intelligence. Saddam Hussein being a secular leader, couldn't possibly have been behind 9/11. Him being a totally inhumane dictator didn't prevent the West befriending him for decades already as an enemy or Iran. Hussein's mistake was his threat to the petrodollar system. In the meantime, the fiscal cost to the US has been huge, lives have been destroyed on all sides and there is broad recognition that ISIS emerged from that chaos. All of the above can easily be checked with a few google searches and using only mainstream media, of all sides. Bottom line: more realpolitik than principles.
  • JD
    Jacques D.
    18 October 2019 @ 21:27
    There's much to be discussed but I found it very good. I only subscribed recently after watching some Youtube videos and I look forward to exploring what you have in more depth.
  • DC
    Dan C.
    20 June 2019 @ 19:05
    Glad to see we've got House Gryffindor on the record on these issues.
  • TD
    Timothy D.
    21 April 2019 @ 19:57
    Hey @RealVision, Great video. It would be really helpful if episode 2 was listed somewhere on the same page so when I finish episode 1, I don't have to go back to find the next video. I have noticed this problem with a number of videos where it's difficult or inconvenient for me to find the next video. Thanks, Tim
  • pw
    protima w.
    13 December 2018 @ 20:08
    Liberal International Order serves only the elite who are in power and want to maintain their power. Missing from this episode is what the layperson really thinks about change in their society. Immigration: When illegals storm your country's borders it shows complete disregard for the host country's laws. They need to come through proper legal channels. Mass illegal immigration serves no purpose and is akin to an invasion and inconsideration for people who are waiting in line to come into the country legally. Fake news: I have a personal experience with fake news and journalists that can be paid to print any story you want them to. Fake news media and yellow journalism exists and is rampant. You cannot shove problems under the carpet and then claim the problem doesn't exist. This is what RV is trying to do here. I expect better from Real Vision. It shouldn't be a propaganda mouthpiece. Just facts. We are all educated here.
  • SC
    Scott C.
    3 May 2018 @ 03:08
    Why is the comicbook guy narrating this episode?
  • SM
    S M.
    6 March 2018 @ 14:59
    A very one-sided perspective. It would help mentioning the influence of the US Fed and how this very organization is privately owned (unbeknown to the average American) by a powerful bank cartel and its' result on global sovereign states in the past century. For the educated, this video is very inconclusive.
  • BL
    Brian L.
    9 January 2018 @ 22:25
    Come on RV! If this would have been produced by the RV I know and love, it would have fleshed out the Real World order that is being torn asunder by George Soros, his ghostly NGO's, the relative handful of Western Oligarchic families and their Government insurgents, placed to work their will against the consent of the governed. This is what is causing nationalism, instability and the destruction of the Civil Society.
  • KE
    Kenan E.
    11 December 2017 @ 08:36
    I listened to the audio. I will watch/listen to the other parts too, for shure. BUT: How could you make a video about the decay of the international institutions and the national states without mentioning american exceptionalism, the abuse of the international institutions by the US to impose THEIR rule. The "democracies" of the west that are just delusions for the people to make them beliefe that they have a choice and a way of participating in the decicion making process? So maybe all this also played a small part in why things are happening as they happen at the moment. I appreciate RVTV making videos like this. But I expect unbiased information. It is important to talk to people who have been working or are working in the Industrial and military complex. But if you let them create the whole show...
  • se
    sindre e.
    8 December 2017 @ 19:07
    ...and not to mention the re-use of shots..a huge distraction
  • se
    sindre e.
    8 December 2017 @ 19:07
    ...and not to mention the re-use of shots..a huge distraction
  • se
    sindre e.
    8 December 2017 @ 19:07
    ...and not to mention the re-use of shots..a huge distraction
  • se
    sindre e.
    8 December 2017 @ 18:37
    Where are the facts? The numbers?
  • HR
    Han R.
    13 November 2017 @ 23:00
    Despite all, historically, we live in a much safer world, overall.
  • ST
    Scott T.
    9 November 2017 @ 13:55
    I thought this was really interesting. Providing perspectives on the world I hadn't appreciated. Personally, I don't mind a bit of variety in the format. This is what I pay the subscription fees for. Good job.
  • AL
    Andrew L.
    16 October 2017 @ 14:11
    I had my hopes up for this series, I really did, I even appreciate the format and presentation. But sadly I find that we are feed with some really tasty ideas like the Westphalian Order a double portion of tired and obvious propaganda from political science majors working at RAND and CFR affiliates that fully believe the bullshit they have been indoctrinated with their entire, short, professional careers. Lets not pretend for example that the Neocons that matter actually believe that forcing democracy on people is anything other than a useful propaganda cover for western adventurism / neo-colonialism AKA the new Great Game that is played out on what Zbigniew Brzezinski called the Grand Chessboard . The only people that believe that the official new-con or any other official narrative/cover bullshit are the lackeys like those interviewed on this program that make a fine career at institutions like RAND and CFR affiliates by parroting a world view to leaders that reflects the propaganda they profess publicly. For example, one of the most laughable ideas proffered up, lets make no mistake, Neocons or any other deeply concerned, power-broking set in the west is not out to promote democracy. When you depose a leader by force (because he's a bad man, a crazy man, has WMD, etc.) and replace him by force with a controlled interim government that government has no power. The military forces have the power and use the interim and weak elected government as post-facto authorization and cover for said takeover and subsequent pilfering of said country. To what end? If you get to this point often high minded Realist geo-strategic theories get placed here but you can be sure that it is actually about access to and control of valuable resources for the benefit of those who pushed the policies in the first place, as opposed to anyone else like a regional power or God forbid the former horrible tyrant so nobly deposed. The Realist high-thinker would surely pose here that "yes, yes this is all true but its the nasty reality of protecting the US in a messy dangerous world." Well that is the next layer of intellectual Overton Window that forms our western myopathy on these issues. The rackets and gamesmanship that goes on globally is not driven by the interests of cold calculation in the name of protecting the Established powers as we would love to believe. At best that is a required side effect. The reality is that the system is wholly captured and driven by a snake eating its own tail that Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex. It cares not of reason and ideology, those are all covers for its inexorable motive of eating more and more of the world. In short there is nothing so new in this world, it is neo-colonialism heaped with layers of propaganda to make it out to be something much more complicated and confusing. What, for example, should we expect to come of the fall of the USSR in the 90s. When western financial interests swoop in to snatch up all the free stuff laying around in a power vaccum that was decades in the making? Do we expect the people in the know at the time, like members of the USSR version of the CIA or NSA, to sit back and watch their country taken over by foreign interests? The very rational reaction to that is of course not. Putin is a logical outcome of that not some crazy new authoritarian shadow on the pristine face of democracy.
    • WG
      Wade G.
      9 November 2017 @ 01:11
      Thank you for taking the time to express this line of thought so clearly and succinctly. I could not agree more with your post.
  • SG
    Sam G.
    20 October 2017 @ 08:28
    I have a genuine sense that the quality of Real Vision has gone down precipitously since earlier this year. This is very unfortunate. I fear Real Vision is suffering under the weight of its own success. It has apparently too much money to spend and too few ideas as to how to continue increasing value to its subscribers. Over the past year, rather than focusing relentlessly on creating a stellar experience for users, Real Vision has chosen to invest time and resources on low value-added activities, or even value-destructing activities, including: 1) A proliferation of paid products that have led to a concurrent decline in the depth and quality of RV TV, and constant marketing tactics to upsell current subscribers; 2) An inordinate, almost incomprehensible focus on bells and whistles, i.e. redesigning the website multiple times (which, by the way, lacks in taste and professionalism) and investing considerable resources in the design aspect of written products such as its RV 20/20 newsletter, which are full of pictures, drawings and colors that drive attention away from the message; 3) A considerable decline in the length AND number of weekly interviews; and 4) An increasingly sensationalist tone, with shallow soundbites and analysis that lacks in depth. I do share other users' opinion that with this latest video, in addition to the aforementioned issues, RV's credibility has been permanently diminished. All in all, very disappointing ...
    • SC
      Sau C.
      20 October 2017 @ 18:14
      Sam, I agree. RV's decline in quality has coincided with the release of additional paid products/services.
    • sb
      sandeep b.
      26 October 2017 @ 03:18
      couldn't agree with you more. can't believe I fell for this perma-bear BS.
    • CT
      Christopher T.
      27 October 2017 @ 05:42
      nailed it. would love to have some assurance that the RV heads publicly address this before I cancel
    • JP
      Janusz P.
      6 November 2017 @ 19:41
      well said.
  • VP
    Vincent P.
    15 October 2017 @ 16:51
    Hmmm, a bit over-hyped for what the first and most meaningful (to keep us interested) Episode One should have contained. Maybe some expected too much, I'm not exactly sure. However, a measurable RV audience is seemingly growing more disgusted (look at the comments) with the ongoing frequent insertions of weak and popcorn'ish fillers. It'll be difficult to view the next long winded and shallow episode of "World on the Brink"! Really?? OT comment: RV's efforts to win over 110% absorption of subscriber attention through new products and advertising can make people question whether or not you're aware of damages to credibility it may cause. Raoul and Grant, please be cautious of abusing RV subscribers intelligence and avoid attempts to grow beyond capacity. You're getting real close. Please! Please, get back to the great and more consistent content you sold on us way back in the beginning!!!! I believe you are worthy of that! You got time as my subscription still has 2+ years left, LOL!!! Come on people!!! Oil DOWN and Gold UP!!!!!!
    • HS
      Hubert S.
      18 October 2017 @ 14:31
      Absolutely ! Also, am I the only one to find the new layout highly irritating. RVTV had such a calm and clear layout - aaaaaaaand it´s gone ?
    • JL
      J L.
      29 October 2017 @ 09:49
      Agreed, I can live with any layout if the content is good but the website seems made by someone who hasn't been around the internet very long. It is now not possible to comment while watching and why is there no sorting function for videos (date, popularity, etc) after 5 upgrades to the website? name+date+title would do nicely
  • AL
    Alex L.
    29 October 2017 @ 07:57
    Someone needs to review these before they are published to uphold production quality... the opening and ending music are very loud compared to the spoken audio - I was nearly deafened listening to this in my car. The material was good, but I would prefer if it was presented in a less over-the-top manner; I come to real vision to be presented with information, not to be persuaded via audiovisual conditioning. I much prefer the format of interviews and presentations than the overly dramatic presentation here.
  • BE
    Baha E.
    25 October 2017 @ 12:00
    The owners of RV are not American yet this video is pure U.S. propaganda. I am not against that but when the title starts with "A WORLD.." you expect to see people outside the east coast U.S. Why not interview anyone from China or Russia or even England if you are to consider today's world? Weird.
  • JE
    John E.
    25 October 2017 @ 01:38
    How big a role does debt play in the shifting power centres......part two?
  • MR
    Marten R.
    13 October 2017 @ 23:56
    If we reflect on RVTV stated objectives by Grant/Raoul upon its creation, it was to bring authentic, independent insight, opinion, intellect, analysis, discussion etc. to the world of Finance. This would therefore lead to a particular set of conclusions which may (or may not be) different to the 'retail' view of the world. The biggest disappointment in this 'World on the Brink - Episode One', is the departure from the RVTV vision / objectives. What has been presented is 'the retail version'... of what's going on. Hence, the backlash from subscribers... we've heard all this rubbish before in 'the mainstream'.. we subscribed to RVTV for a different perspective, and here you are... giving us the same old same old. .... .... ..... .......... (??????????????????????????????????????????) ............ :( In particular, the context for this series, or the starting point - is wrong I think. The central focus for RVTV should be money / finance. Therefore... focus on that as the starting point for the symptoms which prevail.. because as we all know, if you follow the money... you will ultimately get to causes, which should further ultimately lead - to a set of answers. This instalment focuses on politics as being central. Politics is certainly not central, it is a symptom, not a cause. RVTV - follow the money! MR
    • AY
      Alexander Y.
      15 October 2017 @ 08:29
      Second this opinion. Especially, when a lot of past 100 years of international policy can be explained, at least in part, from point of view of the country (in this case US) reaching for reserve currency status and then preserving it. Harder it is to preserve (from pure financial perspective), more desperate actions can be. But let’s see what next parts will bring.
    • VP
      Vincent P.
      15 October 2017 @ 18:11
      I tried to say this but you said it better! I'm so troubled with this subscription. So many mixed feelings after initially being incredibly excited about its creation. Is this what Raoul/Grant wanted? Hope not or RV will be jettisoned after subscriptions don't get renewed down the road.
    • MO
      Mike O.
      24 October 2017 @ 19:27
      Totally agree with this sentiment (i.e., follow the money). Personally, I would like to see a perspective on the world (of money) following the abandonment of the gold standard in the U.S. and what the impact has been in various markets through the decades since. What crisis have arisen that could have been impacted by this, e.g., Asian markets in late 90's, or LTCM and Russia (if it would apply). How has the untethered global fiat money regime progressed afterwards and who has benefitted (or lost) as a result. Coupled to this, a great addition would be to examine the impact of quantitative easing by the various central banks. How has this money found its way into various assets around the world. Help show us the movement of capital that has resulted and the impact (a lot of people believe that the market is way overvalued ... is this true? ... if the money spigot is still flowing, then maybe not and predictions of DOW 40,000 or more could very well be true and we have a good way to go still). How about the bond markets? Will there ever be bond vigilantes who will bring this madness (if it is such) to an end? What about the unprecedented global debt? What about corporate debt and buy backs? An in-depth discussion of all of these aspects would be a great benefit to my understanding, as it is my lack of knowledge in these areas which had prompted my subscribing to RVTV in the first place.
  • JV
    JP V.
    22 October 2017 @ 12:32
    Excellent idea to have those people talk openly about the problems in the world. But sadly one sentence stuck : the USA should be defining the agenda of the future. Why ? Did the USA do so well the last decades ? Wars all over the world, imposing their currency, plunging people in misery even at home. Looking forward to episode 2. (running a bit behind for the moment)
  • AE
    Alex E.
    22 October 2017 @ 04:34
    You guys rival the BBC for quality work in Video...Didn't take the time to read the comments save the first 2. I'm guessing those who have not the intelligence to comprehend the direction that Earth is headed in will be those who cry the loudest when their bowl of porridge is taken away...C'est Dommage, N'est pas?
  • KB
    Kenneth B.
    22 October 2017 @ 01:22
    A decidedly white, American-first narrative, as evidenced by the many CFRians represented. America has lost its moral authority for a very long time, the latest being the withdrawal from the Paris agreement. But perhaps Noam Chomsky has documented the sheer hypocrisy the best. Could not watch to the finish. I respect the quality of research on real vision, but this narrative was too white for me.
  • PP
    Peter P.
    21 October 2017 @ 12:46
    Raoul, Grant, Dee - Having watched the entire video & an additional 20 minutes reading though the commentaries below: congratulations, well done, and I look forward to the additional episodes. An open ended thought piece, with each idea presented open bracketed for further exploration. Much appreciated you all including titles of the books authored by the speakers in the video - that alone was worth the price of subscription. The thumbs 596 UP / 167 DOWN on the video tells a different picture of the comments below, and most amazing are the additional thumbs up to negative/critical comments from those who appear to either a) disagree politically / are upset by the message, b) did not get the next "Paulson trade" spoon fed to them from the video or c) after "turning it off after 10 minutes" think they have the complete picture on the series. Fortunately the initials of all the below probably will not appear after Episode 2 - I mean why would they watch it ?
  • AA
    Aymman A.
    20 October 2017 @ 21:15
    While one on one interviews with brilliant financial minds are very, very important, I very much liked this big picture thematic presentation. Great job!
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    20 October 2017 @ 19:47
    Dee smith is way off! He does not know his history of Europe, and gives way to much significance to the 30 years war. There were nation states since the beginning of time, always changing and reacting to the threats and opportunities, but always a nation state. why is this even a part of this program? This is not useful
  • JT
    Jayne T.
    20 October 2017 @ 16:06
    Note to producer: It would have been very helpful to put the person's name and credentials on the screen when they spoke.
  • PH
    Peter H.
    20 October 2017 @ 05:30
    Hear, Hear Patrick.
  • PF
    Patrick F.
    19 October 2017 @ 16:34
    This isn't what I paid you for. You raise price and then decide to start completely changing the content? Instead of long form interviews with brilliant financial minds, I get useless sound bites from CIA agents and US ambassadors. I can get this garbage on cable TV for free. The over sensationalization and presence of politicized guests in this video has permanently diminished RV's creditability in my eyes. Get back to long form interviews with smart, independent thinkers and present the interviews in an unbiased way. Then let your subscribers form their own opinions. #makerealvisiongreatagain
  • HC
    HJ C.
    19 October 2017 @ 05:38
    Well done, very interesting presentation.
  • rv
    ralph v.
    18 October 2017 @ 22:48
    Where is RV going with this? An assemblage of One World Order robots from the usual suspect One World Order schools of vampire squids? I could not imagine from the beginnings of RV that this would happen here. CFR douchebags WTF??? Former CIA analyst r u f'ing guys on crack??? Some little incoherent boy from RAND??? And the rest, I could tune into CNBC for this craptrap. Almost every one of these robots on this baby squid parade have zero real world business experience other than the fake rigged techno.gov.corp combines they come from. They are all part if not genesis of the problems continually destroying the individual and liberty on this planet. Purely and utterly disappointed and disgusted with RV for producing this flipping garbage!!!!
  • CT
    Claudia T.
    18 October 2017 @ 19:03
    Disappointing video. Too much editing resulting in too many soundbites from toon many experts back and forth. Could not watch the whole video.
  • JC
    JAMES C.
    17 October 2017 @ 04:15
    Interesting to see and hear the views of those promoting the neo-liberal international order. However, to me, it seems most of the commentator views are based on a default belief that it is necessary and even unavoidable that individual peoples succumb to these globalist views... for their own good. Do the commentators accept that individual, community and even nationalist views and values are worth less than those with predisposition towards broad neo-liberal international views. Is the message of those rejecting this neo-liberal international order to back off areas of individual freedom? Is this unfounded academia group think(which are then repeated over and over in the mass media narratives to create a semblance of common knowledge)? Clearly there are infrastructures that a majority of global nations/peoples accept and protect is evidence that broad global structures can indeed work however, only if they provide an broad benefit to all (not just the societal elites). Therein is the problem with much of the neo-liberal international order, it has gone too far and encroaches on areas of individual autonomy/freedom while providing no real value/benefit to the people from the encroachment (even though it does serve ruling/political/academic elites through power shifts). It would be good to see interviews of those with some with differing views AS there is no exploration of "why" the globalist views are now falling out of favor (is it that it is being driven by unelected and unaccountable politicians, diplomats and committee members who do not serve anyone other than special interests?). Need some more independent thinkers working on this.
    • DT
      Douglas T.
      18 October 2017 @ 17:39
      Have to agree. I was surprised RV presented such one sided status-quo excuses without some serious counterpoint. They all believe the system is fine, it just has a few little wrinkles that need smoothing out. The inernet is causing social decay? We can fix that and get the world back on track. That the system itself is perceived as failing by a large fraction of the population is beyond their comprehension. Their ideas can only exist inside a protective bubble, where human beings can easily and successfully control our own socieites. In fact, our modern understanding of complex systems essentially proves it's impossible.
  • JL
    James L.
    18 October 2017 @ 17:34
    My views are pretty mixed. I like the general topic area, but the revolving cast of experts filling in the brush strokes are most decidedly clustered in narrow areas of thought and opinion. For example, why is there no expert on the views of the developing world on the post-WWII order and its archaic nature in the modern world? Why is there no interview with a left or right "populist" (such a loaded term) explaining the complete detachment of the societal and political elites from the vast middle and lower classes? Why is there such complete implicit and explicit support for centralization of power vs. devolution of power to more localized centers of decision making? Why no balanced discussion of the complete disaster that is Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?
  • SD
    S D.
    13 October 2017 @ 21:23
    Crikey. I had no idea the decline of the liberal internationalist order heralded the end of civilisation. Let's not panic. The decline of the "liberal internationalist order" (why can't those CFR types come up with a global system called something three syllables or less?) - proves nothing except the failure of globalisation. So let's not get too hysterical about the end of the world and instead accept that the Westphalian system was superior to globalisation, and not only that, it is preferred by the vast majority of Westerners as a more reliable pathway to shared economic prosperity and global stability. Also, if you're trying to avoid a sense of panic as the ground shifts beneath your feet, perhaps separate out the effects of the collapse of globalisation and the effects of technology, because they're different even though they sometimes look the same, or somehow connected. The current disorder is US made, which means the solution lies at home, too. A bunch of incompetent and irresponsible US leaders imposed an untested and ultimately unsuccessful system upon a resistant world, enriching themselves in the process, while consigning millions of fellow Westerners to inescapable poverty. They keep on telling us that globalisation "lifted millions out of poverty" while conveniently failing to mention that it also "dropped millions of Americans into poverty." A convenient omission. And you wonder why they hate you. Globalisation doesn't work. Central planning doesn't work. Political corruption doesn't work. Now the world doesn't work. Soon the US won't work. You can't hope to discuss multi polarity or a new global order when you refuse to take the time and trouble to examine the failures that you yourself created. Far more useful at this point to pay attention to the Trump victory as yet another demand for economic and political reform, rather than waste time with long expositions on how screwed up the joint is, and how freaked out you all are. Globalisation is the result of incompetent US leadership and a corrupt US Congress. That's the conversation the US population wants to have, and that the US needs to have, if it hopes to cope with the emergence of Putin - nicely observed on his usurpation as soft power in chief - and Xi and all these other truly impressive leaders of efficient and effective second tier and now rival states. The US remains the only show in town for now, but it's problems are increasingly evident to its enemies, which means that time is short. For 20 years, the US has been aware of the threat posed by asymmetric warfare and it has yet to devise an effective response, or to adapt its military.
    • MR
      Marten R.
      14 October 2017 @ 00:00
    • NG
      Nicolas G.
      14 October 2017 @ 08:38
      Very interesting opinion Sarah. Thank you for sharing it.
    • RL
      Radu L.
      16 October 2017 @ 11:31
      Sarah, globalisation works exaclty the way it should...based on comnunicating vessles principle. meaning wherever in the system (world) something goes up (China for ex) smth else goes down (US for example). So probably globalisation is balancing and relieving some pressure from hot spots where it was previously accumulating (too much profits/income skewed towards one certain country or goup of countries?). what you mean is "why dont the world has it better and better while we (the US) have it the best?!". globalisation works like it or not.
    • SD
      S D.
      17 October 2017 @ 20:36
      You're describing mercantilism not globalisation. Although I guess we agree that globalisation is just a nice name for a new and particularly nasty form of predation. If poor countries want wealth, they're going to have to earn it the hard way, just like the West did. The only reason these poor countries got rich was because the US got corrupt.
    • RL
      Radu L.
      18 October 2017 @ 13:53
      your time horizon is strictly limited at the last century. bigger picture(longer history) your view is flawed(in my oppinion). PS EVERY single government in this world has been, is and will be corrupt
  • DY
    Damian Y.
    18 October 2017 @ 11:22
    Well done RV and a big thanks to Dee for bringing us a very well thought out and a very interesting program. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next program in this series.
  • GG
    Glenn G.
    14 October 2017 @ 02:01
    Just an observation but if I am not mistaken, absolutely no mention of "global warming" in episode #1 - a globally accepted reality within the scientific community I believe. Lots of talk about the internet and social media influencing everything but when Bangladesh is flooded and there is no water in California any more......it will truly be every nation for itself. I am fearful living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with basically no military. I am buying gold these days but when the men with the bigger guns come along and say "give me your gold", what else am I to do ? Looking forward to future episodes.....
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 16:54
      I wish you were simply trolling Glenn but as this isn't YT, I sadly assume you are serious. Global Warming is not accepted by the majority of CLIMATE scientists - it is almost universally rejected as the huge joke/hoax that it is.
    • GG
      Glenn G.
      18 October 2017 @ 05:42
      Thanks Matt - not the place for a global warming debate so I will leave that one alone. Quite frankly I found the "On the Brink" show to be quite goofy (yet oddly entertaining) which translated into my fear mongering tongue in cheek comments at the time. I think Marten R down below nailed it and what does a show like this have to do with RV's goals and getting an edge on the markets. Are we supposed to all watch this and go long vol or something ?
  • JD
    Joe D.
    18 October 2017 @ 03:10
    More wealth is not necessarily better. Without community, where is the backbone? What about better wealth?
  • FB
    Fernando B.
    17 October 2017 @ 22:07
    Excellent! Thumbs up
  • Jc
    Justin c.
    17 October 2017 @ 17:57
    I like the video. Not every video needs to include a detailed trade recommendation. I actually learned a lot i didn't know. I can tell by the number of comments and their opposing views that video is hitting at a sweet spot. I love the new series and i would encourage this kind of new production going forward, even if it is not loved by everyone.
  • V!
    Volatimothy !.
    17 October 2017 @ 15:23
    The comments tell exactly why people don't see whats coming. They also prove what the documentary said about people only listening to ideas that support their own, which lead to a greater frustration of wanting to be heard. Then again what do you expect with a geopolitical documentary in 2017. I also found an incredible piece of information for my research in this documentary.
  • GM
    Greg M.
    17 October 2017 @ 12:45
    Let me get this straight after the 30 Years War in Europe there was this great amount of stability from 1650 onward? What about the French Revolution, Napoleon, Bismarck, WWI and WWII? Politicians throughout history were scumbags - do not refer to the halcyon days of yesteryear where they only cared about the common good. Give me a break. I reject the premise that the world is so unsafe. A majority of the world has never been safer. Imagine how much better things would be if the CIA and USA didn't decide to blow up the middle east. The reason people are pissed off is because we are seeing an increasingly rigged system as well as people's incomes eroded by inflation and stagnation. The brink was brought about from the rise of corporatism, Keynesianism, interventionism and centralization.
  • TW
    Thomas W.
    17 October 2017 @ 01:35
    Ah, the "elite" are not pleased. Good to see. It bothers them greatly that so many lack the grace to simply submit to their grand plan. They're bewildered that regular people ... the 99.9%ers ... might actually not want to live under the thumb of the self-annointed "best and brightest." And so, they're reduced to calling them names and portraying them as mindless reactionaries. To all the CFR / neocon / corporatist propagandists out there, here's your problem in a nutshell. Neo-serfdom is an unattractive package ... and you've packaged it unattractively. Trying to sell it is like trying to sell Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Not easy to do. All you have to do is look at Adolf Rajoy's actions in Catalonia to see it's appeal ... or lack thereof. You can see how much the power elite care about "democracy" ... you know, that whole self-determination thingy. When the masks and the gloves come off, it gets ugly in a hurry. Might makes right! On the brink, indeed. Where do I sign up for my chokehold? Some really trenchant comments below. I'm proud of the community for so eloquently calling a skunk a skunk. RV ... what were you thinking?
  • AH
    Aaron H.
    16 October 2017 @ 23:15
    I'm a hard worker but this was too much and tapped out; like chopping wood indoors.
  • MA
    Majib A.
    16 October 2017 @ 01:52
    World Unity the Goal Unification of the whole of mankind is the hall-mark of the stage which human society is now approaching. Unity of family, of tribe, of city-state, and nation have been successively attempted and fully established. World unity is the goal towards which a harassed humanity is striving. Nation-building has come to an end. The anarchy inherent in state sovereignty is moving towards a climax. A world, growing to maturity, must abandon this fetish, recognize the oneness and wholeness of human relationships, and establish once for all the machinery that can best incarnate this fundamental principle of its life. “A new life,” Bahá’u’lláh proclaims, “is, in this age, stirring within all the peoples of the earth; and yet none hath discovered its cause, or perceived its motive.” “O ye children of men,” He thus addresses His generation, “the fundamental purpose animating the Faith of God and His Religion is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of the human race… This is the straight path, the fixed and immovable foundation. Whatsoever is raised on this foundation, the changes and chances of the world can never impair 203 its strength, nor will the revolution of countless centuries undermine its structure.” “The well-being of mankind,” He declares, “its peace and security are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.” “So powerful is the light of unity,” is His further testimony, “that it can illuminate the whole earth. The one true God, He Who knoweth all things, Himself testifieth to the truth of these words… This goal excelleth every other goal, and this aspiration is the monarch of all aspirations.” “He Who is your Lord, the All-Merciful,” He, moreover, has written, “cherisheth in His heart the desire of beholding the entire human race as one soul and one body. Haste ye to win your share of God’s good grace and mercy in this Day that eclipseth all other created days.” The unity of the human race, as envisaged by Bahá’u’lláh, implies the establishment of a world commonwealth in which all nations, races, creeds and classes are closely and permanently united, and in which the autonomy of its state members and the personal freedom and initiative of the individuals that compose them are definitely and completely safeguarded. This commonwealth must, as far as we can visualize it, consist of a world legislature, whose members will, as the trustees of the whole of mankind, ultimately control the entire resources of all the component nations, and will enact such laws as shall be required to regulate the life, satisfy the needs and adjust the relationships of all races and peoples. A world executive, backed by an international Force, will carry out the decisions arrived at, and apply the laws enacted by, this world legislature, and will safeguard the organic unity of the whole commonwealth. A world tribunal will adjudicate and deliver its compulsory and final verdict in all and any disputes that may arise between the various elements constituting this universal system. A mechanism of world inter-communication will be devised, embracing the whole planet, freed from national hindrances and restrictions, and functioning with marvellous swiftness and perfect regularity. A world metropolis will act as the nerve center of a world civilization, the focus towards which the unifying forces of life will converge and from which its energizing influences will radiate. A world language will either be invented or chosen from among the existing languages and will be taught in the schools of all the federated nations as an auxiliary to their mother tongue. A world script, a world literature, a uniform and universal system of currency, of weights and measures, will simplify and facilitate intercourse and understanding among the nations and races of mankind. In such a world society, 204 science and religion, the two most potent forces in human life, will be reconciled, will cöoperate, and will harmoniously develop. The press will, under such a system, while giving full scope to the expression of the diversified views and convictions of mankind, cease to be mischievously manipulated by vested interests, whether private or public, and will be liberated from the influence of contending governments and peoples. The economic resources of the world will be organized, its sources of raw materials will be tapped and fully utilized, its markets will be cöordinated and developed, and the distribution of its products will be equitably regulated. National rivalries, hatreds, and intrigues will cease, and racial animosity and prejudice will be replaced by racial amity, understanding and cöoperation. The causes of religious strife will be permanently removed, economic barriers and restrictions will be completely abolished, and the inordinate distinction between classes will be obliterated. Destitution on the one hand, and gross accumulation of ownership on the other, will disappear. The enormous energy dissipated and wasted on war, whether economic or political, will be consecrated to such ends as will extend the range of human inventions and technical development, to the increase of the productivity of mankind, to the extermination of disease, to the extension of scientific research, to the raising of the standard of physical health, to the sharpening and refinement of the human brain, to the exploitation of the unused and unsuspected resources of the planet, to the prolongation of human life, and to the furtherance of any other agency that can stimulate the intellectual, the moral, and spiritual life of the entire human race. A world federal system, ruling the whole earth and exercising unchallengeable authority over its unimaginably vast resources, blending and embodying the ideals of both the East and the West, liberated from the curse of war and its miseries, and bent on the exploitation of all the available sources of energy on the surface of the planet, a system in which Force is made the servant of Justice, whose life is sustained by its universal recognition of one God and by its allegiance to one common Revelation—such is the goal towards which humanity, impelled by the unifying forces of life, is moving. “One of the great events,” affirms ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, “which is to occur in the Day of the manifestation of that incomparable Branch is the hoisting of the Standard of God among all nations. By this is meant that all nations and kindreds will be gathered together under 205 the shadow of this Divine Banner, which is no other than the Lordly Branch itself, and will become a single nation. Religious and sectarian antagonism, the hostility of races and peoples, and differences among nations, will be eliminated. All men will adhere to one religion, will have one common faith, will be blended into one race and become a single people. All will dwell in one common fatherland, which is the planet itself.” “Now, in the world of being,” He has moreover explained, “the Hand of Divine power hath firmly laid the foundations of this all-highest bounty, and this wondrous gift. Whatsoever is latent in the innermost of this holy Cycle shall gradually appear and be made manifest, for now is but the beginning of its growth, and the dayspring of the revelation of its signs. Ere the close of this century and of this age, it shall be made clear and evident how wondrous was that spring-tide, and how heavenly was that gift.” No less enthralling is the vision of Isaiah, the greatest of the Hebrew Prophets, predicting, as far back as twenty five hundred years ago, the destiny which mankind must, at its stage of maturity, achieve: “And He (the Lord) shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more …And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots… And he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked. And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins. The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together… And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’s den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” The writer of the Apocalypse, prefiguring the millenial glory which a redeemed, a jubilant humanity must witness, has similarly testified: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I, John, saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, ‘Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and 206 they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.’” Who can doubt that such a consummation—the coming of age of the human race—must signalize, in its turn, the inauguration of a world civilization such as no mortal eye hath ever beheld or human mind conceived? Who is it that can imagine the lofty standard which such a civilization, as it unfolds itself, is destined to attain? Who can measure the heights to which human intelligence, liberated from its shackles, will soar? Who can visualize the realms which the human spirit, vitalized by the outpouring light of Bahá’u’lláh, shining in the plenitude of its glory, will discover? What more fitting conclusion to this theme than these words of Bahá’u’lláh, written in anticipation of the golden age of His Faith—the age in which the face of the earth, from pole to pole, will mirror the ineffable splendors of the Abhá Paradise? “This is the Day whereon naught can be seen except the splendors of the Light that shineth from the face of thy Lord, the Gracious, the Most Bountiful. Verily, We have caused every soul to expire by virtue of Our irresistible and all-subduing sovereignty. We have then called into being a new creation, as a token of Our grace unto men. I am, verily, the All-Bountiful, the Ancient of Days. This is the Day whereon the unseen world crieth out: ‘Great is thy blessedness, O earth, for thou hast been made the foot-stool of thy God, and been chosen as the seat of His mighty throne!’ The realm of glory exclaimeth: ‘Would that my life could be sacrificed for thee, for He Who is the Beloved of the All-Merciful hath established His sovereignty upon thee, through the power of His name that hath been promised unto all things, whether of the past or of the future.’” Shoghi. Haifa, Palestine, March 11, 1936.
    • TD
      Tom D.
      16 October 2017 @ 19:59
      Have you heard of the Tower of Babel? Look it up,; it's in the Bible.
    • SD
      S D.
      16 October 2017 @ 23:05
      Please block this guy.
  • JG
    Jerrold G.
    16 October 2017 @ 20:47
    Just not what I expected.
  • DM
    Daniel M.
    15 October 2017 @ 21:48
    Wow this is terrible. What is with the music? Holy shit it's irritating. What is with the editing?! If I was one of the people interviewed I'd be pissed. Clearly the editor's have cut this so that it suits the editor's narrative rather than allowing us to hear what the guests were actually saying. Many of the cuts started right in the middle of the guests talking, so we have no idea what the question was, nor what the first part of their answer was. RealVision has turned from an intellectual discussion into a narrative promoting machine. This is embarrassingly bad RealVision. You guys keep looking for new products to make. How about you put this kind of stuff in a new product? Let people who want it get it. It clouds what the point is of this product. I think you guys have a solid product here if you just leave it alone. The things people like, that you can't get anywhere else, are: 1) long form one-on-one interviews 2) access to Raoul and his close circle 3) big name, successful hedge fund guys that have access to scarce information I know you guys are trying to make it better so here are some things that customers want: 1) more follow-ups with guests. Have the RealVision favourites on once a quarter to talk about the picks they gave, how they are performing, and what looks interesting for the future. I'm sure guys like Mark Yusko would love to be on quarterly! This would allow us to see what these guys are thinking and how they think over time. 2) model portfolios. Make your guests (the investor kinds) choose a portfolio. Get them to update it quarterly. Have them talk about it. 3) have some interviews that teach. Explain how macro works. Explain how real world economics works. Show us interesting things from history. Call it the RealVision university series. 4) more economics history. Russell Napier was fantastic. Would love to have him do a series that takes a deep dive into the history of economics. I'm sure other commenters can add some other interesting things. Just remember, sensationalist narrative driven 'reporting' is what we are trying to get away from.
    • VP
      Vincent P.
      16 October 2017 @ 19:25
      Second these suggestions and general response big time. Also, may I suggest getting a more complete Trader or two in there in place of Aspen Dave peddling "tracking error 2x ETF's like TBT" and calling the Norwegian Krone "knock". Come on man!!! Discussing leveraged ETF's on this site should be outlawed and is disgraceful to the intelligence of anyone reading this.
  • MD
    Mathieu D.
    16 October 2017 @ 18:41
    RealVision, I didn’t like this episode at all. I could spend hours commenting but my time is too precious. I still want to give some feedback because I like the product you provided so far. I hated it because: 1) I didn’t learn anything new, I wasted my time. 2) I have the title “World on the brink”. I don’t like those type of titles… anything fear based. 3) I want to comment on the last few minutes: “This systems might not be working so well anymore” Yes, that’s the negative view. I take the positive view every single day and ask myself how this systems can work and make it happen. Only losers would listen to that and agree with that negative thinking. “What would a world without globalization look like?” What is the point of this question? I doesn’t matter, globalization is here, embrace it, change or die, it is not coming back “Is all these change going to make us any happier”? Wake up, happiness is action, choice, go do, choose happiness… I can’t believe it was the last question. I can just hope Ep2 will bring more value. I would prefer to see: 1) More one to one interview, and interviewee coming back a year later to revisit their views (that was a really good series) 2) More credit based interviews. 3) A wider variety of opinions. I thought for instance that the Bill Ehrman interview was great as he challenged a lot of negative views out there. Personally I like to be challenged rather than comforted in my views so I get rid of the confirmation bias, it adds more value to me. Keep up the good work overall, you have a great product, I just hope this Ep1 is not a new trend at RV. Thanks
  • AS
    Arthur S.
    14 October 2017 @ 09:11
    I think the video did a good job of Highlighting the Major Issues we face, in a Mostly Balanced way. Many people think of Globalization as inevitable, but in fact it was a Policy Choice by Successive US Administrations of both Parties. I'm continually reminded of the Charlie Rose Interview of Sir James Goldsmith in 1993. Sir James was remarkably prescient. Laura Tyson( in the Interview) sounded like a CFR person. Sir James Goldsmith's primary Thesis is that an Economy is meant to serve a Society. It's purpose goes beyond mere Profit. It's Social cohesion. I'm a small businessman from Flyover Country. Watching the effects of Globalization in destroying Jobs( and Social Cohesion) in my small Rural community over the last 25 plus years has been breathtaking. It's been like holding an Ice Cube in your hand. I don't know the answers and I'm not trying to return to some Mythical Past. I can say that many good, hard working decent Rural folks have seen their Standard of Living greatly diminished , hence the rise of Trump and Pseudo Populism. Cheap Imported consumer goods ( and debt) cannot make up for the Loss of well paying Jobs. And the big Winners of this process appear to have been a Select few Oligarchs and Crony capitalists in Asia. Again, I don't know the answers but the current Globalization Path seems unsustainable and will continue to tear at the Social fabric and exacerbate inequality, which is good for Nobody.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 16:58
      Good comment Arthur, very interesting to hear first hand your experience in "flyover" country.
  • DS
    Doug S.
    13 October 2017 @ 23:17
    I don't think the people complaining about this video, and especially those that "rage quit" after 20 minutes, understand why they subscribed to RVTV. It's not CNBC. RVTV doesn't patronisingly tell you what to think; RVTV gives you different perspectives which allows you to do your own thinking. I don't necessarily agree with some of the propositions in the video but it reinforced some of my previous thinking and has given me a few research ideas to build upon my current investment theses. And if this is an indication of the future direction of RVTV then it was worth every cent to become a RealVision Partner.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 16:49
      I hate to use feminist terms but, if what you say is true, then there is a serious "unconscious bias" going on here!
  • SB
    Sergei B.
    13 October 2017 @ 19:09
    A great summary of the mainstream view on the "state of the world". Hope Dee will leave the old white men to their books and get out in the street to get more diverse opinions in the future episodes.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 16:36
      I don't appreciate your attack on whites.
  • Av
    Ad v.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:56
    With politics being the main subject... prepare for an avalanche of conspiracy theorists and ideologues.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 16:34
      I am refraining from going YouTube comment on you.
  • WS
    William S.
    13 October 2017 @ 17:31
    Although I can't quite put my finger on it yet, my instinctive reaction to this first episode is that I'm not buying whatever it is Dee Smith is selling. I am generally inclined to side with the ideological underpinnings of the so-called "Realists," as opposed to the naive (and manifestly dangerous) objectives of the liberal internationalists and the neoconservatives, and I do detect between the lines of Smith's script at least a respectful nod in the direction of the "Realists." That said, I also perceive an almost nostalgic longing for the largely incoherent aspirations of the liberal internationalists -- notwithstanding the catastrophic consequences of their policies as they have played out on the world stage over the course of the past few decades. It remains to be seen how this nostalgic undercurrent expresses itself as the series continues.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 13:53
      Well put, Sir.
  • TJ
    Terry J.
    13 October 2017 @ 16:18
    This was very different to what i had been epxecting and what i had hoped was going to be covered. I am afraid that for me Dee chose too many sages whom are either on the payroll or heavily influenced by the elite globalists (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros et al) such as the CFR to provide me with a sufficiently balanced analysis. What about asking somebody like the Ron Paul institution or one of the other austrian schools to give us an alternative view on why the West led by America primarily through excessive financial leverage and disastrous eurodollar credit system has destoryed any post WWII hopes of a utopian world built on honest trade using a transparent and honest money system.
    • KR
      Kieran R.
      13 October 2017 @ 21:10
      Agree, too many pasties from the CFR pushing neocon ideology for this to be balanced. The all live in their own little world that they actually don't experience the negative impact of their policies first hand
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 13:49
      Do you mean patsies, Kieran? I've got a lot of love for pasties!
  • MC
    Matthew C.
    13 October 2017 @ 16:15
    People are fed up with more government collectivism and tyranny which is growing like a cancer destroying peoples liberty. The State is the problem that people are revolting against and its enormous c
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 13:33
      Absolutely - when the guy at the end said, "the problem is not a case of bigger or smaller government, it's..........." I was thinking, "No! It IS a case of having smaller governments! Governments are THE problem in every country you go to!"
  • AA
    ALI A.
    13 October 2017 @ 14:58
    The world is so volatile? Unpredicatble? Dangerous? A) Volatility of many data series is at an all time low B) We have better prediction capabilities of weather patterns, physics (allowing for power generation and transportation on an unprecedented scale) and disease C) The rate of violent deaths (adjusted for our total population) due to conflict or crime is at all time lows, globally. I understand there are interesting topics to explore in this series, but the sensationalist opening lines and context are a function of media hyperbole. We are merely MORE sensitized to events around us due to digital communication. That is the only thing that's gone up.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 13:29
      It's really Islamic terrorism they are referring to.................. Ali.
  • KS
    Kathleen S.
    13 October 2017 @ 12:43
    Real Vision should have Catherine Austin Fitts on -- she is someone who worked in both the Bush I and Clinton administrations and she was fired by both for trying to stop fraud. She will explain how the world really works and it certainly isn't the fairy tails and myths that Dee Smith is selling
    • VP
      Victor P.
      13 October 2017 @ 18:27
      Even better would be if they invited Oliver Stone.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 13:27
      Victor Pride I hope? ;) But yes... OS would be a good guest, especially after his series with Putin.
  • KS
    Kathleen S.
    13 October 2017 @ 12:32
    This is pure propaganda ---crap - so disappointed that Real Vision would put this bullshit on -- Corporations and the rich and powerful elite want to shape the global order that suits their needs at the expense of everyone else -- this piece is full of so many lies and half truths that only an ignorant person that knows nothing about real history (CIA responsible for overthrowing democratic countries and putting dictators in - Shah, Marcos and Pinochet are examples) and how the world really works could believe what is being told. Corporations and globalists (Council of Foreign Relations) are just "really good guys" trying to make the world a safer place, yeah that is right and in the last 30 years we have seen the .001% run away with half of the wealth of the world and watched as the US has attacked countries and killed millions. BTW the CFR controls the US state department. Do a piece on the Reece Commission and you will see what the globalist banking and corporate goals really are for the world. Won't waste another second watching any more of this series.
    • MB
      Max B.
      13 October 2017 @ 14:16
      I think you have maybe missed the point....
    • MS
      Matt S.
      16 October 2017 @ 13:25
      Please Max... enlighten us.
  • EL
    Edward L.
    16 October 2017 @ 12:11
    I too found this sophomoric and boring. I don't remember another such production where 1/4 viewers found the presentation and content not worth their time. Besides the poor editing the omission of the Bush/Obama failures in foreign policy and war mongering was glaring. I agree that this is an excellent product and it is best to stop tinkering and continue with what you continue to do so well.
  • ES
    Edward S.
    16 October 2017 @ 11:31
    Great to see RV trying something else and hopefully this experiment didn't cost too much. Perhaps the second episode could be delayed to adjust for the below well-expressed constructive (but mainly negative) feedback?
  • HS
    Hendrik S.
    16 October 2017 @ 10:00
    Thanks RV for trying new stuff! I enjoyed it, although I found it to be a bit incoherent at times. Keep exploring!
  • JA
    J A.
    16 October 2017 @ 09:53
    Just to add the other side of the story; Which is very factually based; https://www.oppenheimerfunds.com/private-client-groups/doc/How_It_Ends.pdf?dig_asset_metrics=done It would be good if Raoul could do piece going through each point - emphasizing where he believes they are wrong.
  • MC
    Michael C.
    16 October 2017 @ 08:10
    It was pretty slick (and the music was annoying )but I do think some of the comments below are being a bit unfair. I found it a useful summery on a wide range of topics. Not all subscribers have to like all contributions. It is quite ok to dislike a video and not be angry about it. And it is ok to view something through a US lens (for now at least they do remain key). Perhaps it would be interesting to get people on with a Chinese or Russian lens as a counterpoint?
  • MG
    Matteo G.
    16 October 2017 @ 06:00
    One of the worst pieces I listened to. after 10 minutes i had to turn it off. this is NOT what I am looking for in RV. how can you creadibly say that this is the most dangerous period in history? what about 1920-1930 ? what about 1935-1945? a complete waste of time.
  • MO
    Mike O.
    13 October 2017 @ 20:55
    I'm guessing that the commentators may largely be ignorant of the writings of such people as Antony Sutton or Carroll Quigley (or, more likely, would dismiss them out of hand). Yet the machinations of the uber-wealthy / power mongers seem to be missing from their narrative and makes me question their analysis and especially their conclusions. Some good insights, though ... will have to give another view to decide how valuable it is overall. For anyone unfamiliar with Sutton or Quigley, check out their Wikipedia pages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antony_C._Sutton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroll_Quigley Better yet, read their books.
    • PW
      Paul W.
      13 October 2017 @ 21:42
      I'm guessing they are not...
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      14 October 2017 @ 03:09
      I am guessing that they hope you don't read their books -- maybe RV should do a piece on Carroll Quigley and Cecil Rhodes or even NGO's or tax exempt philantrhopic corporate foundations- how and why they were created and their influence on government policy. Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie Mellon, Gates foundations would be a good place to start. Their true intentions are so corrupt and scary they seem unreal, but all one has to do is look at the evidence and it is clear of what they are up to. They have such contempt for the masses that don't even try to hide it.
    • DC
      Dave C.
      16 October 2017 @ 04:09
      This is a worthwhile watch to better understand the oligarchy and their aims https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-321-why-big-oil-conquered-the-world/
  • TD
    Tom D.
    14 October 2017 @ 16:54
    This is a propaganda video that uses music and fallacious reasoning to excuse and promote their failed new world order or globalism. A true liberal understands that the only path to economic, political, social, and religious freedom is to have individual and territorial sovereignty, which can happen under a constitutional republic, similar to the one established by the US Constitution. This form of government is not a democracy; it is democratic only within specific territorial areas with established customs, such as the separate 50 sovereign states and thousands of counties (even precincts and voting districts) within those states. A nation-wide (or world-wide) democracy is an absolute tyranny of the majority, where all the minorities are mistreated and stripped of their folkways and mores for the greater good. The speakers, who represent the ones that created this dysfunctional new world order, seem clueless as to why it has failed and tend to blame it on everything but them. Our founding fathers said to stay out of the internal affairs of foreign nations. Yet, these speakers are the ones who tried to force their “democracies and values” on other countries that did not threaten the national security of the USA. Why, because we have the power? This is disgusting. The only powers given to the federal government are strictly limited (or should be, if we followed the constitution). If we enforced the constitution we would have real liberty and a better economy (along with a sound gold and silver currency). We would also have fewer wars and more world peace, if the US Department of State tried to get along with foreign states and negotiate fair trade agreements that protected American interests. They would not wage war against countries that do not have our values or to install an ambiguous idea of democracy. They would not create murderous false flags to trick us into their failed concept of a collective world; instead, they should uphold their duty to protect and defend the citizens of this country. The globalist agenda is no different than the old communist international that subverts the power of the individual, the individual states, and federal government. Their ideology is a bureaucratic world government that is so out of touch with the people that it serves no one but itself. They use war and deception to further their agenda. This video voices derogatory clichés, such as, selfish nationalism (usually used with “white”), tribalism, isolationism, uncertainty, fear, anger, populism, etc., that purposefully denigrate the most beautiful form of government ever created on the face of this good earth. Wake up globalists, your globalist ideology doesn’t work because it crushes freedom.
    • GS
      Gordon S.
      15 October 2017 @ 12:36
      What would happen to wealth inequality in your scenario? Both on the national and international front?
    • TD
      Tom D.
      15 October 2017 @ 17:09
      This is a war between good and evil and between freedom and slavery on all levels (social and economic). I am neither defending crony international corporations that take advantage of natural resource countries nor am I lacking in compassion for the poor. Those are the talking points of the progressives, which are false arguments. My point is: what is the best way to establish world peace, trade, and prosperity? Is it globalism, the new world order, and the centralization of power or is it the opposite, giving the maximum amount of freedom to the individual and work up from there? “My scenario” used to be the American way, back when we had respect for the rule of law, the constitution, respect and love for our neighbor, the family, the sovereign individual, the sovereign state, freedom, and, yes, religion. This system was the greatest wealth generator in world history and brought million out of poverty. Other countries have learned from this past and have copied and integrated parts of our system into their system of government, as it works for them. This has increased world wealth tremendously. I hope this answers your question. BYW, today’s WSJ has an interesting article on the opinion page, “Is ‘Classical Liberalism’ Conservative?” that is somewhat related to this discussion, which you may find informative; I know I did.
    • GS
      Gordon S.
      15 October 2017 @ 22:06
      Thanks for your reply. I think I understand what you want to convey. I understand that socialism does not work and therefore should not be tried again; I agree on that. I just wonder if the system you describe would work so well these days. Human technology has become in some ways so sophisticated, that many issues have become global. Forget climate change, just think about the loss of biodiversity, overuse of resources like fish, land & co. We have the ability to kill every living being on this planet and working hard at doing so. I'm currently reading "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" which is kind of eye opening at the impact we have had so far already on about everything. And imagine some future technologies like self-driving cars that would render so many people obsolete. What if one company could produce robots that work just like us and could be bought for $1000. Such a product would create massive inequalities that no traditional model of society could solve and I'm particularly pessimistic about solving these challenges on any national level, especially in times of social upheaval. That doesn't mean I subscribe to the current wave of globalism either. Unfortunately I have no answer but I think we need something new. And fast. P.S.: Thanks for the hint to the WSJ article, I read it. Though as brought forward in this RV documentary, some argument (not against your point) are about a "benevolent US hegemon". As commented here below that point is in my opinion BS anyways. As if Irak and Libya were about "spreading democracy"... It's kind of obvious to me that bombing a nation into the stone age, taking the oil and then expecting a smooth implementation of democracy is quite illusory...
    • TD
      Tom D.
      16 October 2017 @ 03:52
      I think we agree; semantics can be confusing and words matter. One of the speakers in this video said they need to change the narrative, as if that were the solution. Changing the narrative simply means the CFR and the Rand Corp, etc.,., who have too much influence on our foreign policy, can continue to advocate US hegemony, globalism, police actions, centralization of power, the manipulation of our currency, false flags, and collectivist ideas and then blame all the bad outcomes on our outdated constitution, our outdated system of government, or the deplorable American people who are a bunch of “white nationalists.” I’m sick of their excuses and lies, but that is how they operate. I could list dozens of words that have different meanings from my early days. Did you know the Republican Party use to be the blue party and the Democrats the red party? ABC changed the narrative because the red color fit the Democrats socialist leanings; blue made them look less socialist. That is just one word change, but you can see the significance of changing the narrative to make good look bad and the reverse. Older guys like me, who grew up in the 1940s don’t recognize our country. It is not the same. We have become the aggressor nation, lies have become truth, we have lost all logic; it is Orwellian, literally. But, a bigger government, a more centralized government, is not the solution; it is the problem. It my day we called it a Leviathan government. We seem to have lost the sense that small is beautiful. The somewhat peaceful, but important problems, you refer to, we can work out with honest talk not guns or lies. What you are referring to are good problems. There are many smart people in the world. We don’t need to rule the world with a bigger guns and bigger lies and bigger governments to find answers. What is needed is a US State Department with respect for all mankind and the rule of law. We also have the UN and other international bodies that can work out peaceful solutions to these problems. We don’t need hubristic intellectuals bombing countries for democracy and their idea of the greater good. The way to beat these tyrants is to first recognize the globalist mindset is the problem. Then we should scale back, as much as possible, the decision-making to the local level and be accountable to the individual voter, which is impossible on a global scale. We use to honor the “harm principle.” We need to bring it back. All politics is local, at least it was in my day and, only as necessary, do we move the decision making power to a higher level. The federal government’s foreign policy should be accountable to the individual sovereign states, it is called federalism. But the narrative changed when they did away with the state legislators electing US Senators…all part of the narrative, you see; tyranny of the majority is their better idea. We are a constitutional republic not a democracy; they have changed the narrative to “democracy” to confuse everyone and grab control using money, violence, and deception. The very survival and freedom of our nation is at stake. These people hate the nation-state. In my opinion you will not find solutions to self-driving cars, robots, and income inequalities in one omniscient, omnipotent, global entity. A diversified approach has always worked better. Think of it as putting all your money in one stock, a bad idea, right? Each state is a laboratory working out separate solutions; each state can learn from the other. With only one decision-maker, one law-maker, one enforcer it is all or none. I would think the risk of being wrong is too great for the world to turn our future over to a Leviathan. The voters, Trump, and Brexit changed course; now they are in a panic.
  • RT
    Rune T.
    15 October 2017 @ 17:58
    One thing you learn by interacting with U.S. subjects (formerly known as Americans) is that they are blissfully unaware that they are indeed the only ones who subscribes to the concept of American exceptionalism. I was kinda hoping to avoid these brainwashed idiots on RVTV.
    • BC
      Burton C.
      16 October 2017 @ 02:25
      I am an American and I agree with this statement
  • EP
    Erewhon888 P.
    14 October 2017 @ 11:42
    For a view less tainted by the usual CFR/CIA hegemonists and thwarted hegemonists, try the entertaining world of the BBC's Adam Curtis with his counterpoints exposing aspects of the world also highlighted by such characters as John Perkins in "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HyperNormalisation HyperNormalisation is a 2016 BBC documentary by British filmmaker Adam Curtis. In the film, Curtis argues that since the 1970s, governments, financiers, and technological utopians have given up on the complex "real world" and built a simple "fake world" that is run by corporations and kept stable by politicians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitter_Lake_(film) Bitter Lake is a 2015 BBC documentary by Curtis. Emma Graham-Harrison, writing in The Guardian, felt that Curtis had managed to convey "the west’s terrible arrogance, the casual projection of foreign dreams and ideals on to a distant country and the readiness to walk away when it all starts going wrong". For an enjoyable smorgasbord of enlightening or infuriating clips, try https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Watched_Over_by_Machines_of_Loving_Grace_ The CFR puff piece included the line "it was an article of faith of the West that the international liberal order would make the world more peaceful, more stable by bringing nations into the global market economy" Some exposure to Curtis' films will help inoculate viewers should this kind of guff reappear in future episodes.
    • SD
      S D.
      14 October 2017 @ 21:05
      Hypernormalisation and Bitter Lake are essential texts because they expose the subordination of the Western political system to the banks and that is not a task you should reasonably expect from a bunch of hedgies in the Caymans. So you have to give credit to RealVision even while stressing that the West cannot adapt and therefore it cannot succeed because the wrong people are in charge, and they are imposing a self-interested form of tyranny upon increasingly resistant publics. This is raising political risk in the West by orders of magnitude unseen for 70 years, following an extended period of unparalleled leadership failure. Kudos to RealVision for some rare willingness to actually contemplate the subject but the really useful analysis is of what the world - and the United States - will look like in five years, assuming everything Adam Curtis says is true. Because big change is in the wind, and the real risk is not the collapse of globalisation which is long overdue, but the failure of the Western political system and especially its political leadership after an extended period of attack from within by the financial sector.
    • DC
      Dave C.
      14 October 2017 @ 21:36
      The following was produced before the release of Bitter lake, but is an interesting take on Curtis and his work. https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-259-meet-adam-curtis-establishment-contrarian/
    • rr
      rlw r.
      14 October 2017 @ 21:59
      great add value, thanks
    • IO
      Igor O.
      15 October 2017 @ 19:34
      Watched. Thanks for sharing.
  • DR
    Daniel R.
    15 October 2017 @ 18:19
    @Raoul, Grant, Remy, Adam & co - great to see you all trying all these new types of programming. Great content, with ever more polish and finesse. I'm loving watching your light-speed evolution to a world class media operation, without compromising your original mission. Impressive!
  • NL
    Nikita L.
    15 October 2017 @ 17:59
    Quite disappointed with this. Everything through the lense of US "failed" foreign policy. The world we live in today and its problems was largely orchestrated by the US and its "allies". Maybe it's ti
    • NL
      Nikita L.
      15 October 2017 @ 18:04
      *time to look in the mirror? Maybe it's time to realise that the "world order" is going to be disturbed because it was created by the US and now it's time for the US to step down? As I said, disappointed hearing pro US views...We have BBC, CNN CNBC etc. for that
  • AD
    Anthony D.
    15 October 2017 @ 16:06
    The audio-visual production was overdone. I much prefer your in-depth interviews. This was informative but the flashy presentation stretched out a thin content. Most of RV's work to date is far above the regular media, please don't slide down to their level.
  • JL
    Jinny L.
    15 October 2017 @ 15:22
    Very disappointed in episode 1. Way too general and something I could have watched from PBS or CNN. Not too informative either.
  • PN
    Philip N.
    14 October 2017 @ 12:34
    Really lost me when they trotted out the tired Russia as a villain narrative.
    • SD
      S D.
      14 October 2017 @ 17:37
      I thought they were interesting on Putin. There's no question he's been extremely effective in undermining the United States particularly in the Middle East, particularly in his use of both soft and hard power. Very efficient too with minimal use of resources. Nimble. Discreet. Resourceful. Economical. Effective. All the things the United States isn't these days. Washington should stop attacking him and look and learn instead.
    • PN
      Philip N.
      15 October 2017 @ 13:03
      One day on you have 5 votes and I have 5 votes. I'll give you one for the win.
  • RK
    Robert K.
    15 October 2017 @ 11:07
    Episode 1 contained valuable bits, but the immediate question is this: Do RV and the prospective clients of this "security expert" -- who are being recruited by this lavish production -- seriously believe that the World on the Brink can be explained and navigated solely by looking at it through the lense of US foreign policy?!? Let's hope that the upcoming episodes don't also start from this rather naive premise...
  • IP
    IDA P.
    14 October 2017 @ 14:45
    The errie music.... why???
    • GG
      Glenn G.
      14 October 2017 @ 18:49
      because we are "On the Brink" Ida - in order to keep us watching for episode 2 we need to be feeling emotions of fear, anguish and anxiety and wanting more. Right at the beginning when Dee Smith is standing there in Times Square looking like he is getting ready to snap on someone, you knew this wasn't going to be light viewing...... very very heavy topics. Entertaining but I am not drinking the Kool-Aid with this series. Everything will be fine.
    • IP
      IDA P.
      15 October 2017 @ 09:47
      to Glenn G. : I don't know if we are on the brink or will be fine, the point is that when I manage money I try to eliminate all emotions, this music is contrary to the concept, it makes you anxious, and I don't expect this from RealVision.
  • PW
    Phil W.
    14 October 2017 @ 21:27
    Not sure this has anything to do with the video but a must read! has to what is unfolding. https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/oil-for-gold-the-real-story?gmrefcode=gata Phil
    • IP
      IDA P.
      15 October 2017 @ 09:38
      thanks but Goldmoney is in conflict of interest though
  • AH
    Ahmed H.
    15 October 2017 @ 09:06
    What! another face-lift of RV's website.
  • LP
    Lance P.
    15 October 2017 @ 09:05
    Stone Age emotions
  • JW
    Jim W.
    15 October 2017 @ 08:14
    This didn't rise to the standard to which I hold realvision. If you have read The Lexus and the Olive Tree (admittedly 15 or more years ago and a little dated) you're probably ahead of where that episode finished. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lexus_and_the_Olive_Tree Add in a bit of Paul Kennedy's The Rise and Fall of Great Powers and I'm guessing we are ahead of episode 2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rise_and_Fall_of_the_Great_Powers Hope this improves....
  • SR
    Steve R.
    15 October 2017 @ 07:35
    Well I personally really enjoyed it. I think many of the comments from people below have totally missed the point. Its interesting the see the 'vocal minority' on here making their forceful assertions, sound familiar?? Geopolitics and finance have always been intertwined, always will, it's how the world works. If people don't understand the implications they shouldn't be in the global macro space. And, I think some people clearly need to get out more!! :-)
  • WB
    William B.
    15 October 2017 @ 03:34
    If I wanted a PBS doc I'd watch PBS for free no less! Really hard to see your value add here.
  • BC
    Burton C.
    15 October 2017 @ 03:22
    Very disappointed in this first episode. Entire perspective provided by CFR operators. Well we know what this group wants. Why not just have the views of the Dulles brothers regurgitated?
  • CH
    Calvin H.
    14 October 2017 @ 21:25
    I was having a hard time taking a nap today until I watched this. Seems amateur , too broad in scope and borders on sensationalism. Must be the same person doing the overdramatic music on the podcast, really takes away from the speakers. I did not join RVTV to have a repeat of Gerald Celente or ZH. Besides the real issue for all of us is US vs China - Read Destined to War - Thucydides trap...that deserves eerier music.no just kidding, please go easy on the mood music ...we get it..we are all hosed
    • TM
      The-First-James M.
      15 October 2017 @ 01:13
      This was a long way from Gerald Celente's frothing at the mouth. Far more measured.
  • DC
    Dave C.
    14 October 2017 @ 21:31
    Such a pity that James Goldsmith is no longer around to engage in this debate. Whilst he was far from being a saint, his ideas and opinions on globalism, GATT and NAFTA have been quite prophetic IMHO. Check out http://www.sirjamesgoldsmith.com/category/thinker-politics-economics/free-trade/ esp the Charlie Rose interview on this site. His books The Trap (1 & 2) are also included here. Somebody has put a lot of time maintaining his archive. Perhaps RV could reach out to see if they want to engage in the debate?
  • MT
    Mark T.
    14 October 2017 @ 17:36
    Good start. Historical basis is an important factor and often neglected. Production could be simpler saving time and money on your end, saving distraction and ability to focus on our end. I love the 1.5x speed feature - it keeps the flow of ideas going at a comfortable pace which is extremely engaging. Looking forward to the next episode to see how the narrative develops. Bottom line: We're looking for meaningful content not sophisticated artistic presentation. (Get the new hires under control!)
  • LR
    Larry R.
    14 October 2017 @ 15:46
    Is Real Vision going MSM? The first 15 minutes or so of this piece is a non stop list of mainstream bromides presented without evidence, back up or reasoning. Simply terrible! Subscribed to Real Vision to avoid this sort of thing, not to receive it. I hope this is a one off aberation and not a trend.
  • GS
    Gordon S.
    14 October 2017 @ 11:17
    USA spreading democracy? Really? So it's a coincidence that particularly geopolitically strategic and resource rich nations are "liberated" first? I'm interested in what's going to be presented in the other parts, but this one was highly disappointing.
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    14 October 2017 @ 10:15
    While I enjoyed this episode somewhat and found the subject matter important and very interesting, I agree with Terry J. and Randy B’s comments... overall, this was a one-sided and highly academic analysis, with far too much US-centred commentary. Look forward to episode 2 and hoping it is more balanced and representative of the world today. Love RV regardless, of course, but know you’re capable of much more.
  • JS
    John S.
    14 October 2017 @ 07:19
  • JS
    John S.
    14 October 2017 @ 07:19
    These guys are all globalists. We need more patriots.
  • TS
    Thierry S.
    14 October 2017 @ 06:59
    So much American soup... where is the point of view of Russia, China, India, etc... ? Really look like a bad cnn infomercial
  • CS
    C S.
    14 October 2017 @ 06:28
    This is rather a chore to listen to. An 'A' for effort, but D- for subject matter. Others may find it of greater utility.
  • GO
    Gary O.
    14 October 2017 @ 06:26
    Best show yet. Bring it on!
  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    14 October 2017 @ 05:46
    Very interesting. I always wondered why the USA was so active in world affairs. Great to hear explanations of popularised and many others that are parried around.
  • OF
    Oliver F.
    14 October 2017 @ 05:13
    This is what id imagine a washington thinktank would sound like... although i still think theres much to take from it.
  • RB
    Randy B.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:06
    This first video was unfortunately pretty much as expected. I noted earlier that Dee Smith was a life member of the CFR and was concerned that would drive the viewpoint here. Mr. Smith did not disappoint in that regard. I think I heard "the liberal international order" and "globalism" so many times that I sincerely wanted to just turn off the video. This first video in the series has set the stage for positioning globalism as the only true and sensible path forward and that the great masses who are being both financially and socially marginalized by this movement as simply "discontents" who have simply not truly understood the benefits of the path forward. For those of us in the United States, we have recently come to realize that the benefits of globalization have, as usual, been reserved for the elites and we continue to see steady erosion, if not a crumbling of a formerly proud middle class in this nation. The liberal elites have spent us into an exhausted credit super-cycle and a clearly insurmountable amount of debt that simply cannot be repaid. We find ourselves forced to steadily sacrifice freedoms for the illusion of an improvement in security that does not truly exist. Populism and nationalism run far deeper than the globalists have imagined and we have already clearly seen where globalism and more centralized control leads and it is quite definitely not at all favorable to the masses, despite government promises to the contrary. If this series is going to continue in the same tone and direction as shown here, it is going to be little more than the same elite globalist propaganda continually fed to the masses and I would find that extremely disappointing and not at all what I expected from RV. Let's just wait and see how this progresses and whether or not it begins touching on truth and the true realities on the ground or whether it simply prattles on with its anticipated elitist view on how the world should work.
    • CW
      Chad W.
      14 October 2017 @ 04:29
      Here here!
  • JH
    Joel H.
    14 October 2017 @ 02:20
    I think the world of RV and what has been built here. To me not sure how you have a doc entitled "World on the Brink" and not have the word "debt" included. I just didn't learn anything new from this. So much good content on this site that stands in extreme contrast to this. Production value was great however.
  • av
    aleksandar v.
    13 October 2017 @ 12:26
    most impressive and thought provoking video i’ve seen on rv thus far. thank you
    • MR
      Marten R.
      14 October 2017 @ 00:11
      I urge you to go into the archives! MR
  • AM
    Alonso M.
    13 October 2017 @ 17:57
    I am hoping this series will cover how globalization can impact the existing monetary system. This includes an analysis of the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency, whether or not political frictions have the potential to change this, and if so, whether any change to the existing system will be made in an orderly way or in a chaotic way.
    • MR
      Marten R.
      14 October 2017 @ 00:07
      Precisely, you pretty much nailed it. Although perhaps the starting point could be a little more basic, but deceptively - deeper than that. Such as - what is money? how is money created and by whom? how has money changed over the course of time? what is it today? how has the current money system caused the winners and losers? What is credit? what is debt? and so on.... lots of people 'think' they know the answers to these basic questions - but few actually do. MR
  • OD
    Octavian D.
    13 October 2017 @ 23:40
    It's funny to see all these intellectualizations... It's fairly simple really, the world is and always will be a competitive battleground where some people/groups/nations/nation-blocks will want more (things, power, influence, etc.) and will start pushing back against any pre-established rules. Do you know of any revolution that put an end to all revolutions? There will always be a revolution somewhere every number of years, some of smaller scale, some of larger scales. We are due for a larger-scale one - too many people don't have "what they want" or, rather, what they think they want.
  • KM
    Ken M.
    13 October 2017 @ 23:31
    I'll reserve judgement until I watch the entire series. However I found this first episode to be very biased and US centric. Contrary to what is presented, there actually are other countries in the world with people that have opinions as to what is currently happening and why. It would be much more informative to hear some commentary from people in other nations instead of an entire episode devoted to Americans describing their view of the world order. We get enough of that kind of "journalism" everywhere else we don't need to see it on Real Vision as well. The only way to get back from the the "brink" is to really listen to other points of view. Which is why I subscribed to Real Vision.
  • FD
    Francois-Guy D.
    13 October 2017 @ 23:14
    In order to develop a real global vision of the world, it's useful, I think, to look at geopolitical and social issues. Money and markets are part of it but do not offer enough to see clearly. It is difficult to sort out a middle road from interpretations of the world such as what has been presented in this video. It is, in my opinion, an exercise worth the effort in order to interpret our world with clarity and act responsibly.
  • VS
    Victor S. | Contributor
    13 October 2017 @ 19:56
    • PB
      PHILLIP B.
      13 October 2017 @ 22:33
      Please refrain from using all capital letters. The content presented in the RV video is big arc. What the U.S. President did yesterday, or the marginal tax rate on U.S. taxpayers, is of little consequence over the course of the arc being discussed. Re "capitalism and liberty," there is no theory or evidence that there is no a better way to organize our affairs in the future. Capitalism and liberty are human inventions. Are they the best we've done so far? 'Yes' for liberty. Capitalism is great at creating wealth, but we haven't really harnessed yet how to make the best use of capitalism. Will the U.S. in 50 years be seen as the epitome of the failures of the current model of capitalism? Maybe. Let's hope that liberty and the best of capitalism are encapsulated in the DNA of what comes next.
  • TD
    Tim D.
    13 October 2017 @ 22:32
    This is not what I became a RealVision partner for. Boring, biased, setting an agenda I do not see valuable at all.
  • JD
    John D.
    13 October 2017 @ 20:58
    Really disappointed. Turned off after 20 minutes. CFR dominated echo chamber and not what I want from RealVision. Raul, you need to stick to markets.
    • PB
      PHILLIP B.
      13 October 2017 @ 22:22
      RV, bring forward this content! Geopolitics matters to wealth. This is why RV put resources into producing this content. U.S.-based investors have had the blindside of ignoring geopolitics...and have been able to get away with it for 70years. No longer. The world is being faced with the decline of U.S. global power. A big way this plays out can be inferred from an understanding of geopolitics. Re CFR...the world goes on. Regardless of what one thinks of about the CFR, the U.S. government, the deep state, inept U.S. foreign policy, U.S.-sponsored S.O.B.s, etc., the world is going on. There is not going to be a spontaneous creation of a perfectly representative voice for the U.S., or the liberal world order, that will perfectly navigate what is ahead. We have to go forward with the institutions we have. The CFR is one such institution. It'd be a helpful outcome if the institutions were able to adapt. Not all of them need to adapt. Only enough of them, and the right ones, need to adapt.
  • PW
    Phil W.
    13 October 2017 @ 21:50
    Would be nice to see you cut the Hyper Bowl, down a notch! We don't need a hyped video on RV. With respect...................
    • PB
      PHILLIP B.
      13 October 2017 @ 22:06
      I can see your point. I think you mean with the music. I also don't want a Frontline-type video. I don't want to be depressed when listening to or watching the video. Something about this production, even with the music, doesn't make me want to turn it off. This RV video is not depressing. I listened all the way through without turning it off. Regardless of the music, there is hope that comes through. We have the opportunity to change or adapt as best we can to what we can't control. Frontline videos are depressing. Maybe Vice video is between this and Frontline videos. Even with Vice, because of the temper of the narrative, they can be depressing. Not here with this one from RV.
  • KR
    Kieran R.
    13 October 2017 @ 21:50
    First of all I think it's great Real Vision is touching all these issues as outside of investing there are many things happening now that will affect our everyday lives as well as our portfolios What I would say is that people pay for this service to receive objective information outside the vested interest opinions propagated by mainstream media For example, the other day we had an IT guy on channelling Julian Huxley, the father of transhumanism, essentially saying 'humans are bad, if we want to improve ourselves we need to create a new race and merge with machines but don't worry I think it will be good'. Clearly one would naturally have some reservations or objections to that so we need the other side. But great Real Vision is talking about it. Julian Huxley I might add helped found UNESCO and was himself a globalist Similar in this piece a lot of the people here are proponents of the 'liberal internationalist world order' that Smith talks about. Especially the guys from the CFR. I will say I was surprised how objective the piece managed to be but I did detect some subtle bias So I short, I'm glad Real Vision is talking about these issues. I just hope they bring on thinkers from both sides so we can have a proper dialogue - something we don't get in mainstream media
  • VP
    Victor P.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:35
    The lady (former CIA analyst) is so like Hilary. It is not US forein policy and actions that alienate contries, but it is Russia and China smart moves! Come on! Why this video is not called "What Happend" instead "World on the brink". Wasted money and effort for a not so smart propaganda movie.
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      13 October 2017 @ 20:13
      The CIA lady analyst was really scary -- comes off like a sweet college girl, I am sure if you pulled off her mask you would find a killer monster underneath - I would also bet she believes as Kissinger does that countries are above moral conduct and only outcomes matter and that the masses are nothing more than dumb cattle that need to be controlled.
  • PU
    Paul U.
    13 October 2017 @ 20:05
    A series of sound bites by "enlightened" intellectuals offering their personal insights into how the global systems "should work". My strong conviction is that the systems that we presently observe, that are actually working well, are those that have been generated out of basic cooperation between individuals desiring to do business together, and have "skin-in-the-game". The great progress made by the free market may then be observed by these intellectuals in universities, think-tanks, politics and bureaucracies as they "chime-in" with observations to validate their relevance, of which they are never in doubt. They may get an occasional call right, but the free market is always left to clean up the damage from everything they get wrong.
  • DT
    Dmitry T.
    13 October 2017 @ 19:08
    I guess need to watch remaining episodes. First one appears like a voice of nostalgia for American centric anglo-saxon approach of running the world for the benefit of the few under the shield of liberal ideas and so cold "democratic values" notwithstanding nations right to self determination
  • SW
    Scott W.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:54
    Interesting, but sampling perhaps a bit too much from the professional/academic globalist set in a sound-bitey sort of way, and not enough from the classic liberals (libertarians). And so therefore a bit too much "we did this and we did that" sort of talk. I don't consider myself a "we" with the Sanders crowd, nor a "we" with the Trump crowd, nor a "we're all in this together, we're all responsible for x" sort - generally speaking. There are bad actors and they are responsible for certain things, rather than "we". I don't think democracy is inherently good, and I don't much care about the "common good" as is typically construed - especially by the professional globalists and the career global policy types. I know that globally, poverty and privation is declining, and that's a good thing. I know too that notions of classical liberty, and free markets are also (seemingly) on the decline. And this is troublesome.
  • CJ
    Craig J.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:47
    Surprised to read so many skeptical sounding comments here after the first episode. I felt this to be a fair start to the series, touching on general feelings within society, and offering some historical context while stimulating the entertainment seeking synapses in the brain. Looking forward the next episode!
  • JW
    John W.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:39
    Despite the fact that they were discussing uncertainties throughout, the speakers for the most part displayed little modesty or humility. Assertion followed assertion. I found this profoundly off-putting. They are part of the leadership groups that are struggling, with such mixed results, to deal with today's issues. Despite what they may feel in their hearts, they are most emphatically not akin to ancient Greek gods looking down upon the foolish mortals below. They are blundering around, too, and a little acknowledgement of that by them or by the narrator would have added to the program's credibility. More attention should probably have been given to the tremendous number of good things which have emerged in the world since Westphalia and even since WWII. There was one passing, but quite interesting, reference to important developments giving rise to unfavorable reactions and consequences. Granted that the purpose of this series is to help investors deal with the bad things, nonetheless a balanced picture, including more about the progress along with the frightening transitions, would have been more interesting and credible, and possibly more helpful to investors' perspectives, in the longer run. The comments about those elements of infrastructure which make possible things like trouble-free phone calls from China to the U.S., for example, jumped out at me as being well worth more discussion. How vulnerable are items of this type to today's uncertainties? Also, the observation regarding those institutional arrangements which "fly below the radar" to enable useful things to get done without attracting any special notice interested me. I would love to hear more discussion of upsides of globalization such as these. Getting back to my gripe with the speakers, the "deep thinking" government/think tank/academic class is doing a far poorer job than the disease curing, energy producing, and food producing people. The failure of the "deep thinkers", the very people who have led the rejection of traditional value structures, to help us move beyond hatred and mass murder represents a major failure of their group, their calling, their class, if you must.
  • CD
    Cheryl D.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:29
    I thoroughly enjoyed that! Looking forward to the next episodes!!
  • SC
    Sau C.
    13 October 2017 @ 18:22
    Watched 25 minutes before turning it off. RV is morphing into another zerohedge. Yawn
  • JS
    Juan S.
    13 October 2017 @ 17:50
    Extremely important information. Interesting to listen to experts on this topic. Can't wait for the next one.
  • ND
    Nadine D.
    13 October 2017 @ 17:21
    I started to watch this video but didn't get very far as I could see it was yet another bombardment of fear mongering that I see so much in the wider media.
  • JL
    John L.
    13 October 2017 @ 16:53
    No mention of our destabilizing handywork in Libya? Thank you HRC=cfr . Is the world and the US less safe from our foriegn policy, wars, destabilization? Are there more terrorists now because of it?
    • TQ
      Tom Q.
      13 October 2017 @ 17:10
      It's a five-part series, they're dedicating an entire episode to the Middle East - there's more to come it seems.
  • PR
    Pedro R.
    13 October 2017 @ 16:47
    Fair and balance aproach on the stage of the world order. I think it was very entertaining.
  • TP
    Tom P.
    13 October 2017 @ 16:13
    "...sucking off resources..." - hue hue hue
  • IH
    Iain H.
    13 October 2017 @ 16:11
    I am going to reserve my judgement till the end of the series. I do agree that we are living in a time that has the potential to become much more volatile, not just in the regions where volatility is not unusual, but western countries too. IMHO inequality is driving change, lets see the conclusions Dee gets too. RV is addressing a relevant issue that has the potential to transform financial outcomes, particularly if current institutions change, I am think here of Central Banks who, I think, have played a large part in the problem of inequality.
  • MA
    Mikael A.
    13 October 2017 @ 15:53
    Very good but sometimes it jumps in between people too often which makes it a little bit anoying to watch. It almost makes it look like a trailer.
  • MR
    Milton R. | Founder
    13 October 2017 @ 15:17
    Generally, we have a better life, nutritious food, better conditions to live in and a more linear future where you can predict what's going to happen and that helps in making decisions. But we also have institutions that aren't doing their job, and most importantly a lot of regular people that are disconnected with the general reality. So it's good from time to time to remind ourselves of the steps that we still need to handle and have a positive outlook on life.
  • RM
    Richard M.
    13 October 2017 @ 13:20
    WOW!!! Dee, this was phenomenal. Really, really enjoyed it and totally look forward to the next segment. Truly eye-opening!
  • FC
    FRED C.
    13 October 2017 @ 12:58
    come on rv/ dee with all the nut jobs, dictators, strong men and past presidents i.e. clinton, bush/s, obama.........the only two people mentioned are blair and trump.........who created none of our present "brink".........give it a break.......and props to kathleen lets hope the rest of the series is better and of more value.....(and not a commercial for what has been happening to put us on the brink)...........than the first episode
  • MS
    Michiel S.
    13 October 2017 @ 11:57
    How valuable again RV! Great piece!